Merry was called back to Faerie to start in a race to become pregnant. The race is between Her and her cousin Cel. At first Merry was confused because there were no men available to her as all the men not in a relationship were part of the Queen’s Guard known as the Ravens. All the Ravens had to take a vow of celibacy because in the Queen’s infinite insanity decreed that if she could not have them, no one would. The vow was to be lifted for Merry and Merry only. Some Guards leaped at the chance. Those that supported her cousin Cel refused to bed her. Others Merry rejected straight out. There are men that support Merry or are a part of her “Court” that I did not include in this article as this is an article about her Consorts. Just to restate before you read on, there are spoilers in this piece.

Merry’s Consorts/ Children’s Fathers/Kings:

Doyle has been know The Queen’s Darkness or by the Queen, My Darkness. He has ebony black skin with matching black hair and eyes. He has pointy ears that the Queen found as sign of the Sidhe fading in power. He was once the Celtic God Nodons. Doyle was once someone that Merry feared most but now is her closest lover along with Frost. Doyle is one of the fathers to Alastair Essus Dolson Winter, Merry’s only boy so far and will be one of her kings.

Frost is also known as Killing Frost. Frost was never born. Instead he was brought into being by Rose’s love. He was Jack Frost who kept growing in power. He has extremely white skin and metallic silver hair that looks like Christmas tinsel and is described as arrogantly handsome. Frost is the other father of Alastair Essus Dolson Winter and one of Merry’s kings.

Galen is Merry’s childhood love. They once thought that their love would overcome any obstacle and they could marry. Merry’s father Prince Essus would not allow the union. Galen is half Pixie and half Sidhe. He is the youngest of the Queen’s Ravens and only 70 years older than Merry. He has green hair and one long braid. His skin has just a hint of green in it’s color. His eyes are the colors of spring grass. He is one of the fathers to Gwenwyfar Joy Tempest Garland and one of Merry’s kings.

Rhys is a former God of Death. He former name is Cromm Cruach. His skin is white with white curly hair down to his waist. He has on tri-color blue eye as he lost the other because as one of his punishments from the Queen, he was given to the goblins and now hates them. Rhys is five feet six inches tall and is the shortest of all the full blooded Sidhe. He has always been a friend to Merry. He is aware but not upset by the fact that he is not first or second in Merry’s heart. He is the father of Gwenwyfar Joy Tempest Garland and one of Merry’s kings.

Sholto is part of the Unseelie Court but separate at the same time. He is King of the Slaugh. He has platinum blonde hair that falls to his knees and tri-color eyes that are a range of gold. A distinctive feature of Sholto’s is the nest of tentacles on his lower stomach. Just before Merry was talked to by Doyle, Sholto had a proposition for her. Become his Queen and she could return to Faerie. To become his queen Merry would have to have sex with Lord Sholto. She tried but his nest of tentacles prevented her from accpeting him in that way. Later, through a twist in magic, Sholto’s tentacles were made to where he could call them forth and put them back at will. He became Merry’s lover and she became Queen of the Slaugh. Sholto is also a father of Tegan Bryluen Mary Katherine and king of two Courts.

Kitto is a goblin and Sidhe mix. He was abandoned by his Sidhe mother. He has moon lit skin with black hair. He has solid blue eyes with snake like slits for pupils. He also has iridescent snake scales on his back and retractable snake fangs complete with poison. Kitto is the surrogate for King Kurag who is King of the Goblins to take flesh from Merry to have the goblins as allies for six months. King Kurag offered Kitto as an insult to Merry. The joke is on him though as Kitto became a consort of Merry and is now a father of Tegan Bryluen Mary Katherine and one of Merry’s kings.

Mistral is a storm God who along with many others experienced a loss of power. Merry did not choose him at first to be one of her consorts. With the Ravens losing both Doyle, the captain of the Raven’s and Frost, Doyle’s second in command, Mistral rose to captain. Through the wisdom of the Goddess and magic he became a consort of Merry’s and a father of Gwenwyfar Joy Tempest Garland.

Royal is a demi-fae of Queen Niceven’s Court. He was a wingless demi-fae. Through the magic of the Goddess using Merry, he and his twin sister Penny, gained their wings. Royal followed Merry into exile and became her lover and is now a father of Tegan Bryluen Mary Katherine and one of Merry’s kings.

Merry’s Consorts until pregnancy:

Abeloec has amazing hair. It is perfectly stripped white, black, dark and light gray. He has a natural scent of honeyed mead and charcoal eyes. Abeloec was once a God of alcohol and merriment and a part of the Seelie Court. As the Sidhe gave up power and started to fade as a people Abeloec also lost power and for this King Taranis exiled him from the Seelie Court on a bogus reason. Because of all this he spent all the time he could as drunk and high as possible.

Adair has skin with a sun kissed glow and eyes that are tri-colored of yellow and gold like the sun. He had beautiful long brown hair that was hacked off by Queen Andias after he tried to refuse becoming Merry’s consort. The irony is that he finally pledged himself to Merry and Merry only.

Briac is also known as Brii among the Sidhe. He is a also a God that lost power when coming to the U.S. He has long yellow hair with dark green eyes. His unique feature is that his eyes have a light green star in the center. After one of their sessions of love making with Merry a cherry tree came into being in the room.

Nicca has long brown hair and skin the color of caramel. His most striking feature is the natural tattoo of wings that run down his back that mark him as not fully Sidhe. His mother is fully Sidhe but his father was a demi-fey. When Merry rejects Griffin as the Queen’s spy, Nicca was sent in his place so he became one of her consorts. On a trip back to Faerie, the Queen’s ring, now on Merry’s hand, revealed that Nicca and Biddy were a perfect match and would produce a child. Nicca was released from being Merry’s consort and his vow of celibacy and allowed to be with Biddy.

Merry’s Former lovers/Consorts:

Griffin was once Merry’s chosen consort by her father. Unfortunately no children came of the union between them, even after seven years. Griffin was found with another woman breaking Merry’s heart. When the celibacy law was lifted for Merry, Griffin had a shot to once again be in Merry’s bed as a potential king and as the Queen’s spy but Merry laughed at him and refused.

Roane Finn is one of Merry’s co-workers from Grey Detective Agency. He was also her lover for a time. Once Merry returned to Faerie, their arrangement had to end. Roane is a type of fae known as a Selkie. They can change form from seal to human and back again with their seal skin. If you destroy a selkie’s seal skin it kills them. To date Roane is the only Selkie she knows of to have survived it.

I hope you enjoyed getting to know Merry’s men. Who is your favorite or who do you find most tempting. Let me know in the comments below. Till next week…