Hello Gothamites! Welcome back to episode three already!

We start with a freshly awoken Penguin who has a choir singing for him when he wakes up. He is not pleased when one of the singers faints because he has been working in the factory all night and Mr Penn has been holding back that his workers flee towards Haven, Gordon’s place for refugees. Then suddenly the city hall is under attack by a couple of Street Demons to take revenge for Penguin killing the rest of their men. However, Penguin’s staff manages to take the Street Demons captive.


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When Penguin wakes up the next day, every one of the staff is suddenly missing; only the housekeeper has remained behind. Everyone of the staff was fed up with Penguin and the way he ruled everything that they decided to flee to Haven. To no one’s surprise, this pisses off Penguin big time and he orders one of the captive Street Demons to gather some more people from other gangs to take down Gordon and Haven.

Penguin arrives at Haven with the Street Demons and the other gangs. In order to stop them from entering, Gordon bluffs that he and the rest of the GCPD still have plenty of bullets left, however, Penguin figures him out and takes Gordon captive. After Penguin has locked up Gordon, he is betrayed by the Street Demons, also locked up and Mr Penn is murdered. Harvey is able to escape and goes straight to Barbara. At first, she doesn’t want to help and says that Gordon should try to save himself, but she quickly changes her mind when Harvey mentions that Penguin is the source of all the trouble.


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Back in Haven, the young kid Will leads the Street Demons to the room where Gordon and Penguin are locked up with the excuse that there is liquor stored there. When the Street Demons are not paying attention to him, Will drops a knife in their cell before he is forced out of the room again. Penguin wants to escape alone, but Gordon convinces him that they have to take down the gang right here right now.

Gordon and Penguin escape from their cell before they go to the main area where Penguin shoots down the Street Demons leader and is declared as some kind of saviour. Gordon has no other choice but to let Penguin free. When they are standing outside, Harvey and Barbara show up, with the latter directly grabbing her gun to kill
Penguin. Gordon cannot let her do it and steps between her and Penguin. Then suddenly explosives go off, setting all the buildings in Haven on fire, killing all the refugees inside.


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Selina is still lying in the hospital where she has nightmares in which she keeps reliving the moment Jeremiah shot her again and again. She decides that she can no longer stay there and leaves while wearing a black outfit and gloves with metal fingernails. Selina goes to Haven where she meets Bruce. She hopes that Bruce will help her in finding Jeremiah and thinks that someone among the refugees needs to know where Jeremiah is hiding. One refugee knows that there are rumours that Jeremiah is gathering followers in the dark zone where everyone lost their minds after the bridges blew.

Bruce and Selina arrive in the dark zone but are almost blown up by some crazy guys who throw a bomb at them. Before they know it, they are cornered by the crazy guys and a very strange, very ugly giant. They have no other chance but fight where Selina takes the giant and Bruce the rest. They win the fight, but Selina goes almost too far in retrieving information from the giant. The information leads them to an abandoned church where before the entrance a shrine is placed for Jeremiah. Bruce and Selina follow some people inside where Ecco is waiting and welcoming them. Only the most loyal of followers get a chance to prove themselves and meet Jeremiah himself. Selina pretends to want to work for Jeremiah to get further access to the church and Jeremiah. Bruce follows her at some distance where he encounters a bunch of bodies all shot in the head.


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Selina and the other ‘pilgrims’ are led into some kind of empty pool where each of them is handed one gun and one bullet. They have to aim at each other’s head and shoot. Half of the pilgrims make it out alive and are send upstairs. Then Ecco reveals that she knows that it is Selina and that she was once part of the shootout game too; her bullet is still stuck in her head. Selina and Ecco start to fight, but Ecco is able to escape when Bruce tries to stop Selina from killing Ecco. Ecco locks the two of them up after which Selina cuffs Bruce to the gate and escapes to find Jeremiah in her own way.


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