While the Dragon Ball Super anime is either almost over or already done depending in which country you’re in, the manga is actually still going on way beyond the Tournament Of Power and the story line from the upcoming Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie — which is currently out in theaters in Japan and coming stateside a few days from now on January 16.

The manga’s new story line looks to be pushing the limits of how powerful a big bad can be against Goku and the others. If you thought Zamasu was the absolute limit of a divine being being a villain, then you’re in for a treat with Planet-Eater Moro. Who, if you’re looking for a power level comparison, is almost at Marvel Comic’s Galactus size of a threat (according to comicbook.com).

Moro himself is a powerful fighter and sorcerer who actually fought against the ruler of Universe 7, Daikaioh prior to the events of the original Dragon Ball. Daikaioh had to use most of his godly energy to stop the planet eater and sealed the villain’s power away — who in turn by Dragon Ball Z was far too weak to fight against a demonic Majin Buu and ended up becoming absorbed as the good side in Fat Buu.

Moro however, is at full power again in the present time after finally being free under mysterious causes. He is not just a powerful fighter and sorcerer but also has the power to fully drain the life-force of entire planets and even the beings living on them to full his own power to infinity. Think of how Goku would ask for energy to form a Super Spirit Bomb, but instead Moro will channel it into himself without asking.

This new threat of Moro now leads Jaco’s group, the Galactic Patrol to seek out Fat Buu — in the hopes of retrieving Daikaioh out of him — Goku and Vegeta. They eventually get Daikaioh, but he’s far too weak still to face against Moro, so the task falls on Goku and Vegeta to find and take on the new baddie. However rumors are circulating that this eventually fight between Goku and Vegeta against Moro may lead to a situation where our Saiyan heroes may fully drained/erased their god powers that give them both Super Saiyan God and Blue power boost, the same way it was done to Daikaioh decades ago.

This rumor is further supported in Dragon Ball Super: Broly where many say it’s supposed to explore new ways that Saiyans can achieve new levels of powers that are not tied to using God Ki; like how Broly himself gets a massive power boost without going into a Super Saiyan God/Blue form.

In the latest bit of the story to demonstrate how powerful Moro is, Moro also can cause a Ki Feedback attack on anyone trying to sense him, which does happen to Goku in the latest issue. Goku, like he always does, tries to sense the new villain out in a sector of space via Moro’s ki. Moro however, counters this and hits Goku with a weird feedback that zaps him. The issue of the manga ends with Goku feeling the effects of it but no clue on what else Moro did to him.

So as you can tell Moro is the first true godly villain in the series that combines both magic and fighting together. He’s one part Babidi and one part Zamasu and is looking to be the perfect villain to take on everyone from Goku and Vegeta to even Beerus and Whis. Hopefully this gets adapted into a few more future anime episodes once Dragon Ball Super: Broly is finally out and the American subbed version of Dragon Ball Super  wraps up later in the year.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly

Photo Source: comicbook.com