Is this the first you’re hearing about this?  Don’t worry!  You aren’t the only one!  This announcement has been slow to surface, but now that Dwayne Johnson has been seen talking about it in a few Youtube videos, pretty much everybody wants to know the answer to this question:

What we do know so far?

Let me tell you six of the things we know so far!

1.  Release date? 

Don’t get your hopes up for seeing this one anytime soon!  The script is only just now being written and the cast members haven’t all confirmed they want back in.  This film isn’t set to hit theaters until December, 2019.  At least this means you can give yourself Dwayne Johnson for Christmas!

2.  Who is coming back?  

The main four actors have all been confirmed to make a return appearance!  The teenagers at the beginning remain up in the air, as does the role of the villain.

3.  The location?  

People are already asking whether or not the location will stay the same.  Will it still be in the format of a video game?  Could the players playing the four main characters switch it up, which allows the cast to play different roles?  (That could be hilarious) Nobody knows the answers yet.  All we do know is that Kevin Hart is hoping that filming location of Hawaii changes.  Why?  Because Dwayne Johnson apparently likes to sneak fake bugs and snakes into Hart’s stuff just to freak him out!

4.  More references.  

The man behind these movies isn’t saying much, but he has admitted that he sees these movies as a series.  As such, he wants them to link to each other and especially to reference back.  So, expect more in-jokes and Easter eggs in the next installment!

5.  But wait!  The game was destroyed!  

One of the first things the next movie will have to fix is the fact that the game was destroyed.  In order for this to happen again, we’ll either need to time travel, fix the game, or find a way for it not to have been destroyed at all.

6.  What we’d like to see.  

Personally, I’m just delighted we’re getting the main four cast members back!  They carry the entire movie on their shoulders.  I’d like to see the game take place in a different climate, although the jungle theme hails back to the movies’ origins.  I would also love a few cameos, perhaps, from people who were in the original film!

How about you guys?  What questions do you have?  What would you like to see happen?  Are you totally psyched?