Episode 55 of My Hero Academia turns up the heat this week during the Hero License Exam, showing off the dependability and skills of Class 1-A, declaring who’s the “heart” of the class. The third season, under the reliable direction of Kenji Nagasaki, is a total fan-favorite up to this point. And for good reason. While not every episode can be heart-pounding and electric, My Hero Academia continues to explore what it means to be a hero — providing entertaining trope beats, character development, action, and tear-jerking moments.

Spoiler Alert! The following will contain spoilers from My Hero Academia episode 55. 🚨 You have been warned 🚨!

The Solo Actions Of Shōto Todoroki

No tears were evoked this week, but we did get a better look at how Class 1-A of U.A. handles their business against students from other hero academies. Episode 55 begins with Shōto Todoroki being attacked by the class leader from Seijin High School. The class has studied Todoroki’s Quirks, squashing his fire attacks with water-based Quirks and breaking apart his ice attacks with enlarging metal nails, screws, and bolts made from tungsten.

Using the steam created by the Seijin students’ water-based counter attacks, Todoroki slips deeper into the factory setting.

Realizing the Heroes Public Safety Commission had created the factory for a reason, Todoroki takes a gamble and targets a factory tank containing (what he hopes) is explosive material. But not before he lures his prey in.

Exposing a flame in his palm and then lighting a sign on fire, the Seijin High School students quickly give chase. With the steam still providing limited visibility, Todoroki reveals himself once the leader of Seijin High School realizes they’ve fallen for a trap. Using his ice Quirk to puncture a hole in the tank and stop it up, Todoroki releases his fire Quirk, melting his ice stopper while igniting the materials escaping the factory tank. As his opponents are all knocked off their feet, Todoroki uses his ice Quirk to immobilize them for good.

The leader of the Seijin High School class is baffled by their defeat, but Shōto Todoroki makes it easy for him to understand, stating, “I can’t afford to fail.”

Class 1-A Vs. Seiai Academy Super Genius

Taking up a majority of episode 55, the following storyline has been taking slack on the inter-web as being (shocking) filler. Despite the grievances from a clear minority, being able to witness other characters show off their skills in My Hero Academia was a delight to watch.

Yaoyorozu, Froppy, Kyōka, and Shōji seek refuge in a city building after being separated from the rest of Class 1-A. Scaling to the top of the structure, their hope is to locate fellow classmates. Unaware the building is already occupied, Saiko Intelli (nice pun work MHA) and her classmates prepare a strategic attack. Saiko, leader of the Seiai Academy, activates her Quirk by drinking tea to enhance her intellect. Going full OP on brain power, Intelli has a standard IQ of 150 without her Quirk. In a Matrix-style moment, Saiko determines her teams’ best course of action and begins the attack.

Class Seiai quickly injures Kyōka, knocks Tsuyu into hibernation from freezing air being blown through the air vents, and traps the four 1-A students. Saiko Intelli is banking on Yaoyorozu to use her Quirk defensively, hence, immobilizing her as well. Remembering Deku’s courage during their mission to rescue Katsuki, Momo adjusts her own strategy.

Instead of competing to win, Yaoyorozu’s mission transforms into saving her friends.

Creating a giant amp and headphones for her teammates, Momo has Kyōka tap into the amp and use her Quirk to project a high-frequency sonic wave attack. The blast disables Seiai Academy, giving Class 1-A the upper-hand. The only one able to withstand the attack was Intelli, who immediately goes after Yaoyorozu, declaring “Even if I can only get you, I’ll have you fail!” Momo uses the last of her strength to block Intelli’s attack while Froppy, Kyōka, and Shōji bust into the room with the assist.

Intelli is shocked by Class 1-A actions, assuming the others would have obtained their victories in the Hero License Exam instead of coming to help a friend. Remembering Deku’s words and actions they proclaim Class 1-A is not like others — they don’t leave friends behind, and they never give up. As the dust settles, Yaoyorozu, Tsuyu, Kyōka, and Shōji join Todoroki as the first U.A. students to pass round one in the Hero License Exam.

Where Is The Rest Of Class 1-A?

Many in Class 1-A have yet to pass round one. Two groups are shown during the final minutes of episode 55, setting up next weeks battles. Midoriya, Sero, and Ochako Uraraka are still pinned down where we saw them last. With their enemies quickly approaching, Deku decides to run interference for Uraraka and Sero.

Bakugō, Kirishima, and playboy Kaminari, meanwhile, are searching for opponents when they stumble upon Seiji Shishikura from Shiketsu High School. Seiji’s Quirk is Meatball, which Kirishima quickly learns as he protects Bakugō from a direct hit. With the Red Riot out of commission, Bakugō quickly steps to Seiji and accepts his challenge. “Show us with your actions,” Bakugō declares, “not your mouth.”

The Heart Of Class 1-A

The final moments of My Hero Academia episode 55 features a conversation taking place between Aizawa and Emi (Smile Hero: Ms. Joke).

“There’s something I realized after watching Class A for a while,” Aizawa says to Emi. “They might not have realized it, but in Class A there are two people whose presence has a big effect.”

Aizawa goes on to say, “They’re not leaders, or the most popular, and the two of them don’t get along at all. But, before I knew it, their passion spread to the rest of the class. I’m not worried,” Aizawa states to Ms. Joke, “I can’t wait to see what they will do!”

And with that, Aizawa declares Midoriya and Bakugō the heart of Class 1-A.

Review And Final Thoughts

Episode 55 of My Hero Academia did a great job of focusing on the other U.A. students this week. They might not be the most popular characters (don’t get me started on Ochako being voted the most disliked Shōnen Jump heroine) or have the coolest Quirks, but they are important to plenty of MHA fans.

Any series which focuses only on the main plotline while short-changing side character arcs, isn’t worth watching. The go-to reaction is to call it filler and write it off, but for those who relate and look up to Momo Yaoyorozu, this episode was for them. It was great to see her character fleshed out while seeing how her teammates respond towards her leadership.

Hearing Shota Aizawa declaring Deku and Bakugō as the heart of Class 1-A, was also a very moving moment. The table has now been officially set, reigniting the suspense surrounding the MHA fan-favorites. How will our heroes respond in episode 56 and will Midoriya and Bakugō end up fighting side-by-side? Much like Aizawa, I’m excited to see what they will do too.