Unless you have been living under a rock recently, you probably know that the mobile game Pokémon Go, which first launched two years ago, has been gaining popularity again. With the recent addition of being able to add friends so that you can exchange gifts and trade, many trainers have been picking the game back up.

Pokémon Go

Photo Source: Pokémon Go

I am one of those trainers who recently rekindled my love for this game. Sunday, July 8th was a Pokémon Go Community day. These events feature many special things such as the distance for eggs being shortened, lures lasting longer, and a pokémon being featured to spawn more frequently or even in special attire.

July 8th’s pokémon was none other than one of the original starters: Squirtle. Not only did Squirtle spawn literally everywhere, but they also featured Squirtle, as well as its evolutions, dressed in the classic Squirtle Squad sunglasses.

Pokemon Go Community Day

Photo Source: The Pokémon Blog

I was able to catch enough Squirtle to evolve one into a sunglasses-wearing Blastoise. Although it was great catching adorable Squirtle, the greatest part of this day was getting out with the Pokémon Go community. I was able to meet many different people from my city who are huge pokémon fans like myself. The social aspect of the game has always been my favorite part. It brings together people who may not have ever met and it builds a wonderful community of teamwork.

Did you participate in this community day? Tell me about your favorite catch in the comments below!