The Game Of Nerds Attends Motor City Comic Con!

Check out what happened when TGON went to the Motor City!
Photo Source: Taken By Arganise Campbell

For three days nerds from the central gathered under one roof at the Suburban Showplace in Novi to soak in pure awesomeness. But what kind of convention is there without The Game Of Nerds? Hmmm…….a lame one that’s what kind it would be. From hardworking cosplayers to the amazing media guest list, I believe that most of the exhibitors can say that it was the best con in the Motor City thus far. Friday consisted of many exhibitors, crafters, and media guest getting settled in and preparing for the rush of anxious nerds. As seen on Fox 2 Detroit the kid actors from the horror film “It” has made their appearance well known at Motor City Comic Con. Several little bubbly girls and boys waited in long lines to get autographs and photos with Chosen Jacobs, Jack Dylan Grazer, Jackson Robert Scott, Jaeden Lieberher, and Wyatt Oleff. But, those adorable faces weren’t the only media guest that had fans about to pass out just from the sight of them. The cast of Black Lightning made an impressive impact on fans over the weekend along with The voices of Dragon Ball Z, Arrow’s Stephen Amell, Lucy Lawless, Trish Stratus, Val Kilmer, Ryan Hurst, David Henrie, and Wallace Shawn. The excitement from the fans was absolutely contagious.

Photo Source: Taken By Arganise Campbell

Not only did Motor City Comic Con delivered when it came to the media guest, but they also had an amazing amount of talented crafters. Several booths were filled with graphic designers, comic book artist, authors, and illustrators. The artwork was very hard to resist, I had to take a few prints home myself. It was a surprise seeing so many different creations from crafters all over Michigan. What grabbed my attention the most was the hand painted Sailor Moon wine glasses from “Custom Creations By Danielle”. I’m a huge Sailor Moon so, that was a must-have. It didn’t stop there though as other crafters showcased their canvas prints, light switch covers, banners, signs, and etc. I personally enjoyed viewing the artwork of others and purchasing things to clutter my home.

Photo Source: Taken By Austin Kline

The fun was everlasting each day as the event was filled with fun Cosplayers! From video game characters to superheroes, these cosplayers didn’t come to play. Out of all the cosplayers that I’ve come across, I noticed that Star Wars cosplays became the life of the party. I kinda knew that it was going to happen considering the release of the new Star Wars movie “Solo”. We’ve come across several Clones, awesome Princess Leia’s, and Kylo Ren, but nothing made me more happy than seeing Chewbacca! Okay, I really do love Chewie, but I was very cold and decided to get some warmth from the wookie. Thank you Chewie! Aside from the awesome cosplayers, there were also some other fun things to do at MCCC. For the anime lovers, there was a special room that aired popular anime shows. After a long day of walking, you could sit back and enjoy the comfort of the theatre. The Q&A Panels soothed burning questions from fans as the media guest welcomed them into their life by telling personal stories. What fun right? But, what really made my weekend was attending MCCC Saturday Night Bash. It looked like the nerdy prom I always wanted to go to, but couldn’t go. Cosplayers danced to the tunes from a great DJ and mingled. Nothing was more impressive than the dancing Deadpool on the platform haha. I look forward to experiencing these same great feelings at next year’s Comic-Con.

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