This is everything you won’t want to miss in ASOUE: Season 2, Episode 4!

Jacques and Olivia have to leave before they can find the Quagmires

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Jacques and Olivia (of the V.F.D.) must leave the penthouse before they can locate the Quagmires. The Baudelaire’s are in the elevator shaft trying to rescue Isadora and Duncan before Olaf and Esme return, but when they try using the spyglass to burn through the cage lock, it doesn’t work. They have to use the hot air balloon to go back up to the penthouse and search for supplies.

The Baudelaire’s try telling Esme that Gunther is really Olaf

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While Jerome is sleeping off the drugs he was slipped at Herring Houdini, the Baudelaire’s tell Esme that Gunther is really Olaf and she seems genuinely concerned. It’s only after she opens the elevator doors to where the Quagmires are trapped and pushes Klaus, Violet and Sunny into the shaft, that they realize she was faking. Esme knew it was Olaf the whole time. He was her former acting coach.

We realize that Olaf and Esme have a “thing” for each other

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Esme reveals that if she had known adopting the Baudelaire’s would bring Olaf back into her life, she would have orphaned them herself. While Esme and Olaf are distracted, Sunny uses her teeth to climb up the elevator shaft, get supplies and head back to Violet and Klaus. They realize the Quagmires have been moved trough a secret tunnel at the bottom of the shaft and try to follow them.

The first time we hear about the mysterious “Sugar Bowl”


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There isn’t a lot we know about the sugar bowl at this point. However, we see someone’s house was burned down because of the supposed theft of this porcelain object by Beatrice and we know it belonged to Esme Squalor.

The Baudelaire’s rush to save Isadora and Duncan from the auction

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After being tricked into bidding on a card board box with the initials V.F.D. (Very Fancy Doilies) on it, the children watch as Count Olaf accidentally reveals his ankle tattoo. Esme and Olaf run off together and the Baudelaire’s realize the Quagmires were inside the Red Herring.

Olaf and Esme escape with the Quagmires, Jerome leaves

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After Jerome’s wife leaves him for Olaf, he offers the children to stay with him. The Baudelaire’s have a different idea of what they need. They want to hunt down Olaf and Esme to get the Quagmires back. But, Jerome is too afraid and says goodbye to the children.

Will the Baudelaire’s find the Quagmires before it’s too late? Stay tuned for next weeks episode review!