It has finally happened. After being one of the most requested updates for almost three years, Fantasy Flight Games has finally released what the update to the ship their most popular game is named after, the X-wing.

The iconic fighter was being subject to the latest released continually being better than itself for most of the games time and only Biggs, with insane ability in an alpha strike heavy meta, kept the ship from seeing no competitive play at all. Now that looks like it could change as the “Saw’s Renegades” pack dedicates most of its appeal to fixing the X-wing with specific upgrade cards.


Image via Fantasy Flight Games

The first of these is the “Servomotor S-foils” card, that gives the X-wing a lot more maneuverability on the table as well as versatility as it can switch from open to closed and back again.


Image via Fantasy Flight Games

The second is the “Renegade Retrofit” that  decreases the ships overall cost, decreases the cost of all Elite Pilot cards the ship equips and allows it to equip two modifications. While there are no certainties in how things develop this at least gives the X-wing a chance to see play again, though some of the real old pilots like Garven probably won’t be brought out of retirement.

Though, from certain points of view, this update is not all it could have been. First, the addition of barrel roll and boost to the ship just make the X-wing more like everything else that has come out, the game getting less diverse in its options and what ships can do as opposed to more diverse. The choice of basing the upgrades, and even the X-wing model, on Saw Gerrera’s forces in Rogue One can be seen as a bit disappointing. It does not put the focus on the old favorite group of Rebel pilots, developed through books, comics and videos games, Rogue Squadron. It even skips over the opportunity to bring in some of the actual Rebel X-wing pilots who appeared in Rogue One. Two other nitpicks can be seen in the fixes, both in terms of how the ships appear in the movies. First is the fact the “Servomotor S-foils” can have the X-wing flapping its wings open and shut while flying around and shooting while in universe pilots are always commanded to “lock s-foils in attack position.” There are also now several other ships with S-foils that can’t do this in game, including the X-wing’s successor the T-70 X-wing.  Second, the “Renegade Retrofit” functions by removing the X-wings torpedo slot which is part of what made the ships famous in the first place, shooting torpedoes that blew up both Death Stars.