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Thanos about to crush the Tesseract. Photo was taken via screenshot of the Marvel’s Avengers Infinity War Trailer.

*This article may contain very mild spoilers for some*

This film is breathtaking. It is unbelievable really, that the Russo Brothers were able to pull off a film of this scope and ambition, and have it succeed to this level. The ten years of build up and universe creation have led to this very moment—and boy was it worth it.

The movie is one hell of a ride, and one that doesn’t pull its punches. Once it starts, it doesn’t stop—and on this journey you will be consistently shocked. In fact you may literally need to pick your jaw off the floor by the end (or any of the countless other moments throughout the runtime). But it’s all so good, and the plot lines and characters are masterly woven into the intricate tapestry that makes up the masterpiece that Infinity War is. The stakes are raised to incredible heights, and the sense of dread that I got at certain parts shook me to my core. On top of that, the mixing of each unique atmosphere and franchise was done with silky smooth precision and care (things like visiting Wakanda, and being in space with the Guardians). Nothing felt out of place as we transition back and forth between characters, locales, or tones.

That’s right—they achieved the perfect balance. With the insane amount of characters there are present in this film, you’d think it would be impossible to honor them all. But every face in the film gets their moment to shine, even those not in the direct spotlight. The characters that the Russo brothers chose to focus on (people like Thor, Vision, Scarlet Witch, and Strange) all give not only standout performances, but their motivations and actions resonate perfectly within the film. Now it’s important to keep your expectations in check (to a point)—not every character meets or interacts with each other. So don’t expect scene after scene of them trying to check off a list of character interactions. The writers placed the importance on the plot,  and the emotional threads, to drive their story. That being said, if there are actions you wish had happened—there will still be the big finale next year that may just make your day.

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Cap and the gang arriving in Wakanda. Photo was taken via screenshot of the Marvel’s Avengers Infinity War Trailer

People like to say that the MCU has had forgettable soundtracks throughout their run. While I highly disagree, I also think this movie goes to try and prove them wrong.  Infinity War’s soundtrack was incredible, and the musical cues were on point. They all served to perfectly enhance big moments, or give us an empowering transition. Not only that, but plenty of moments would use musical themes from past MCU films at the best moments. This provided plenty of nostalgic and triumphant moments in a movie where the odds are incredibly bleak for our heroes.

After year and years dreaming to see Thanos in action, the payoff did not disappoint. In fact, The Russo Brothers may have given us the best MCU villain to date—not only that, but he could easily become the villain of this generation. Josh Brolin has masterfully brought the Mad Titan to life. He is a threat like no other, something that is masterfully displayed within the first few minutes of the film. Not only that, but his intentions are noble. Twisted…but noble. He is the hero of his own story, and he must achieve his destiny in order to create a peaceful universe—one that’s perfectly balanced. To him, he is the only one with the will to do what needs to be done. I could keep going on about how great he is, but simply put—you need to see the movie for yourself.

Now Thanos isn’t the only villain present in the film. His minions, or the Children of Thanos as they call themselves (The Black Order in the comics), have meaty roles throughout the whole film. None of them are spectacularly deep or compelling like Thanos himself, but for me that’s alright. They had an important role to fill in the movie, and that’s exactly what they did. I think the two stand outs were Ebony Maw (by far) and Proxima Midnight.

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Ebony Maw in all of his creepy glory. Photo was taken via screenshot of the Marvel’s Avengers Infinity War Trailer.

I’ve seen articles come out and say that CGI villains don’t work, and never will. Well let me tell you right now, those people could not be more ignorant. While I mentioned my glowing thoughts on him above, I truly believe Thanos to be the crowning achievement of CGI in the MCU. He looks incredible, and he is strikingly realistic. Never once did I question the CGI, or get distracted by any rubbery effects. Now while Thanos had the incredible CGI, his Children (The Black Order for those familiar with the comics) were

more iffy. Ebony Maw was pretty good on almost all fronts, as was Cull Obsidian—but Proxima Midnight and Corvus Glaive often looked like they could use some touching up. Out of all them though, I think Corvus Glaive’s CGI slipped up the most.

Now I’m sure you’ve heard by now—assuming you haven’t seen it yet (which you should)—that the movie has quite the ending. It is a powerful and emotionally resonant ending that hit me like a ton of bricks. It’s unlike any other ending to a MCU film, and man is it bold. My theater was nearly dead silent through the whole credits. Yes. It is a cliffhanger. Or at least it can be considered one. But really it can also serve as a conclusive ending to the story being told within this film. That’s as far as I can go into without spoiling details. Personally, I was deeply satisfied with how the movie concluded, and I am very much looking forward to the continuation of this massive story.

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Steve Roger taking a stand against a bully. Photo taken via screenshot of the trailer.

The culmination of ten years of storytelling and universe building has been delivered to us in a film that simply shouldn’t be as amazing as it is. It’s a miracle that all the pieces fit, and made such a great end product. On top of that, it has given us a villain for the generation. It’s almost easy to forgot that the true finale is still next year—but that’s something you’ll quickly be reminded of as you watch the credits scroll by.
What did you guys think of the movie? Was it everything you wanted and more? Make sure to leave your spoiler free thoughts down below!

Bonus Notes:
– Tom Holland gives a performance at one point in the movie that will hit you hard.
– There are things in it that if I told you about a year ago, you would have laughed at me, and I mean this in the best possible way.
– The absence of some characters are satisfyingly explained. When you watch, just remember that the continuation is next year.
– I feel like the majority of the Black Order did not need to be fully CGI. But I do give props to the Russo Brothers for their insane comic accuracy.
– [MILD SPOILERS] I do wish that we had gotten more Guardians and Avengers interactions. But to be fair, they were all pretty busy—and the ones we did get were golden.