I Kill Giants Review: Warning Spoilers!

Imagine a world where Harry Potter meets Bridge to Terabithia meets the Spiderwick Chronicles! In the film I Kill Giants (from the producers of Harry Potter and based on the American limited series comic book by writer Joe Kelly and animated by artist J.M. Ken Niimura) I found the perfect combination of the three.

In I Kill Giants, an outcast named Barbara Thorson (Madison Wolfe) has a hard time making friends. But, why would you appear to care about friends when you spend your days hunting giants?

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Though, setting traps and studying lore can get tiresome when you go it alone. So when Barbara meets new classmate Sophia (Sydney Wade), who has just moved to town from England, she decides to take a chance by including her in the hunt. However, Sophia is as skeptical as anyone would be.

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Barbara is also trying to juggle her school life with her night job as a giant killer. Besides dealing with the school bully and the principle, she also has to attend meetings with the schools new guidance councilor Mrs. Molle (Zoe Saldana) and Mrs. Molle is clearly not afraid to ask Barbara the hard questions.

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This is the first time in the film that buried plots start  to surface. There is clearly something going on at home that Barbara doesn’t want to discuss with anyone and she will do anything in her power to keep from talking about home or her family.

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This film has an eerie darkness surrounding it. On one hand, it starts out with a lighter feeling like the first Harry Potter or the Spiderwick Chronicles. There is an air of magical elements that most people love. However, as the film progresses, it turns much darker like the twist in Bridge to Terabithia. Barbara realizes that eventually she has to acknowledge her mother is sick and may never recover.

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While I wouldn’t call this film the happiest movie that came out in 2017, I would still recommend it! The darkly lit plot can cast a shadow over the rest of the film, but it speaks loudly to people who would do anything to escape the situation they are in. In the end, Barbara realizes she will be alright and finally has a real friend.

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Also, if you like the film make sure to check out the comic book!

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