Ah spring, a time to enjoy the sunshine, prepare for the pestering insects and don’t forget that allergy medicine. This spring enjoy a few nerdy activities that can create memorable moments. Being a nerd isn’t seasonal, but we nerds can sure make every season nerdy!

Visit A Local Art Gallery:

The spring brings blossoming flowers and blossoming artists. Taking a trip to a local art gallery can be a fun way to get a taste of all types of creativity. Some Art schools have showcases that allow the public to admire the work of students, which is also a great way to support Art nerds. Some art galleries are even held outside which is even more wonderful, there will be no need for a spotlight because all work will be shined upon. Would you like to take a stroll and admire art? I say yes.

Play A Game Of Chess Outside:

Enjoy the crisp air, the smell of fresh-cut grass, and the sound of silence as you play an intense game of chess outdoors. Have a glass of lemonade too while you’re at it too. A game of chess on your spring activity list? Checkmate.

Pokemon go Gym

Photo Source: Charlie Glear The Game of Nerds

Pokemon GO Hunting:

Pokemon hunters, it’s your time to shine again. The snow is gone and you know what that means, you gotta catch ’em all. Springtime is better whether for the pokemon hunters to roam the world for pokemons and also hold pokemon fest. Don’t forget the stations and parks, not in the middle of the street.

Visit A Brewery Game Night:

Some areas have local breweries that host tabletop game night. You can have some beer and enjoy a game of dungeons and dragons. There are so many different tabletop games to play and enjoy with a pal or significant other. At social gathering like these, you will make friends and foes as competitive nerds and alcohol collide. The nerds come out at night!

Attend A Cosplay Beach Parties:

Everybody scream spring break! The sun is out and so are the nerds at the beach in costume jamming out. Bring out your wild side while you attend fun cosplay beach parties. There are mermaids, heroes, and cosplayers swimming as villans. Remember ain’t no party like a cosplay party.

Visit A Comic Book Shop:

Around this time you’re spring cleaning, but don’t forget to clean out those shelves at the comic book store. Comics are one of the most precious possessions to nerds and just like flowers their collection will grow. Dust of those shelves and make room for that new comic book smell.

A Nerdy Scavenger:

Oh what fun can occur when you have a nerdy scavenger hunt? You can create a list for your nerdy peers to go on adventure to find. You can find things like Harry’s wand, Superman’s cape or maybe even a ring! Make the season brighter with a scavenger hunt that will make nerds turn into characters from the hunger games or not.