* For you anime lovers I have compiled six animes that are must see. Most of these I have seen myself and since I’m a huge anime lover I thought it would be the perfect time to show you what you’re missing out on and what to be on the lookout for.*

1) B: The Beginning

This anime has blown up like crazy on the internet. This Netflix original has premiered March 2, 2018. The show is about an ongoing criminal investigation from a well known serial killer “Killer B”. Killer B has been involved in numerous crimes, but that will soon be put to a stop when the main characters Koku and Keith team up stop the madness of Killer B. The show was produced by Production I.G and can be found on Netflix.


Image Source: Inverse

2) A.I.C.O Incarnation

 Don’t forget to add this to your binge watch list you won’t regret it. Aiko is the main character who tries to turn everything that went wrong into what should be right when a research project goes left. Aiko pondered the thought of having a connection to what have night killed her parents. Eventually, she finds someone who wants to resolve the mystery with her by the name of Yuya Kanzaki. The new season was released March 9, 2018, and a soundtrack for the series will also be released on CD March 28, 2018. A.I.C.O incarnation can be streamed on Netflix.

3) Devilman Crybaby

 You haven’t seen the best of the best yet until you’ve watched Devilman Crybaby. This show was originally a Manga series in a magazine, now it’s one of the popular animes of 2018. Directed by Masaki Yuda the show is about Akira who was informed that a mysterious race of demons wants to take over the planet making humans inferior to them. By aligning himself with a demon, it transformed him to in what he is now called the “Devil Man”. This action series is bound to keep anime lovers on their toes.


Image Source: Killahbeez

4) The Ancient Magus Bride

 It’s 2018 have you seen the Ancient Magus Bride? If not add that to your binge watch list too! For the fantasy lovers, this will be a great series. This show was originally published by Mag Garden in a Comic Garden Magazine. Directed by Norihiro Naganuma, Chise Hatori comes from a devastating backstory involving her family. With no family around her, she eventually sold herself into slavery. A mysterious man purchased her and eventually finds out that he has feelings for what he reveals as his property.  In more episodes, she will find out that her choices can be dangerous and romantic. The show was released October 7, 2018, and is ongoing.

5) Kokkoku

 My anime loving peers turned me on Kokkoku and I absolutely love this show. This was actually one time I was happy about being peer pressured. This mystery anime was also originated from a Manga magazine but has grown to become a popular show. Juri Yukawa is an adventurous girl who discovers in the mist of her kidnapping a secret that changed her life forever. From a stone, she learns that her grandfather had the powers to stop time. As the series continues she finds more and more secrets that turns her life upside down.  The series was released on January 7, 2018, which now streaming on Amazon.



Image Source: Crunchy Roll


6) Darling In The Franxx

  Darling in the Franxx is a sci-fi anime about a future feared by beast know as Klaxosaurus. For this reason, the people had no choice but to develop a military of their own known as the Plantation. They fight to save humanity from the beast that backs them into a corner.  This mission becomes challenging when the main character Hiro failed to pilot a Franxx. This failure led to him becoming the partner of Zero-Two. Together they fight and make a difference on their own terms which leads to great danger. The show is directed by Atsushi Nishigori and was released on January 13, 2018. Now streamable on Crunchyroll.