Women are playing bigger and bigger rolls in contributing to nerd culture. From J.K. Rowling creating Harry Potter, to Kim Swift working on games like Portal and Left 4 Dead, women are moving into the culture with swift force. And while the gap of nerdy women to men is closing, I will admit I still have a few issues with being a nerdy woman in 2018. Below I have compiled the top 4 reasons I struggle with my nerd-dom!

#1. The Testing Testies

The moment the phrase “I’m a nerd” escapes my lips, it’s followed by instant regret. I’m constantly being berated by males with questions like, “Oh you’re a nerd? Have you ever even played (insert video game here)?” No! Just because I’m a nerd doesn’t mean I’ve seen every “nerdy” television show, movie, comic book or video game ever created…


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#2. I Yam Who I Yam!

I have days, like anyone else, when I dress up or I don’t. Sometimes I have a late night and an early morning. Does it occur to people that I can be just as comfortable in a Workaholics tee and sweats as I am in a dress and heels? On a “no makeup day” someone said to me, “You look so much better when you try.” I’m comfortable rocking a messy bun and glasses, but thanks for your unwanted opinion.


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#3. You’re Playing With a Girl, But I Guess I Am Too!

My sister expressed her frustrations to me about gaming with men online and I couldn’t agree more. She leaves her microphone off when gaming online because every time a guy found out they just got beat by a girl, they would get angry.. Guess what? Girls game too and sometimes we win, get over it!


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#4. On the Search for Nerd Merch…

Every time I go into a comic book store or the video game section and I’m looking for assistance, I get asked questions like, “Well, what does your boyfriend normally like to play?” Please stop assuming I am buying the “nerd merch” for a guy. This Assassin’s Creed is for me and I am going to SLAY!


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While most of my male nerd friends are very accepting, I still face these issues a lot. Let me know in the comments below if you have any of the same issues I do, or if you have experienced something completely different.

To end on a happy note, I leave you with this. Enjoy!


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