The episode began by showing Jack and Rebecca celebrating their anniversary throughout the years and how they would do grand gestures for one another. One year Rebecca asks Jack to promise not to get her a gift and he agrees. The kids insist on throwing them an anniversary party. Of course Jack and Rebecca end up having to do most of the work as Kevin has planned an elaborate dinner of Cornish hen. When Jack forgets to turn the oven on, dinner plans have to change and Kevin gets upset. Kevin cries and explains that he is afraid that his parents are going to get divorced because Sophie’s parents are getting divorced. Jack and Rebecca assure Kevin that they will never get divorced. The kids still manage to surprise their parents with a guided pathway of Christmas lights that lead to the roof where Jack and Rebecca sit together and watch the stars.

In the present, the Big Three head to Vegas for Toby and Kate’s bachelor and bachelorette parties. Beth and Kate seem to be the only ones who are genuinely excited as everyone else is a little distracted by their own anxieties. Kevin is concerned about being sober for the first time in Vegas, Randall is worried about Deja, and Toby really wants to spend quality time with Kevin and Randall.

Before the trip Deja showed up to Randall and Beth’s home asking for money to turn the heat back on in her apartment. She didn’t want her mom to know she had asked them because she knew she wouldn’t accept the money. Randall asks Deja to call him if she ever needs anything and that he would be there.

Randall has trouble not thinking about Deja in Vegas. Beth tells him that Deja is not a part of their family any more and that it’s not helpful to anyone to act like she is. He misses a call from Deja while at the bachelor party and calls her back. She tells him she was watching Bill Nye and thought of him but that she’s ok. Randall doesn’t believe her and he leaves the bachelor party to find Beth. He ends up crashing Kate’s bachelorette party at the Magic Mike Show which leads to an argument between Randall and Beth. Beth accuses Randall of overreacting and Randall calls Beth heartless. Kate tries to diffuse the situation but ends up becoming part of the argument when she shows some jealousy toward Randall and Beth’s relationship.

Kevin does a good job staying sober during the bachelor party but is tempted further when he runs into his co-star from the Ron Howard film. He learns that her part has been cut from the film and he hears his has too since most of his scenes were with her and he ends up leaving the bachelor party early.

Kate and Randall talk and Randall let’s her know how important she is to him. When Kate learns that Kevin also left the bachelor party she tells Randall that Toby’s friends were the fillers and that he was really looking forward to spending time with Randall and Kevin, which lead Randall and Kevin to rally together and return to the bachelor party.

Kate apologizes to Beth by giving her a box of heart chocolates telling her that she knows she’s not heartless. Beth reveals to Randall that loosing Deja was difficult for her and that she was trying to be strong for him.

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