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1.) It’s Fun If You’re A Nerd Yourself


Yes if you’re a nerd it’s great to date someone who is also a nerd so that you can have a special bond. Being a nerd a nerd that’s dating a nerd makes the relationship more comfortable. You will have something to share and life with you’re nerdy partner will just be a great adventure.

2.) Cosplay

Wouldn’t it be great to have your significant other cosplay with you? While coming up with creative costumes, you can continue explore how to dress dynamic duo. Couples cosplay is not only fun, but it’s an experience that many nerdy couple’s can enjoy.



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3.) Video Game Time

Playing video games together on a Saturday with pizza and ice cream is the perfect date for you and your nerdy partner. You both have something in common that you like to do and plus you won’t have a nagging partner begging you to get away from your game system.

4.) Anime and Chill

Forget Netflix and Chill it’s all about anime. If you and you and your partner loves anime, you can spend a day watching the best shows and movies on Crunchyroll. It gives you the opportunity to find what each other likes without feeling weird for liking anime.

5.) A Convention Buddy

Conventions are no fun when you have to go alone and get lost in the crowd. Bringing your lovely nerd will be comforting and fun for all of your interactions at the convention.


10 and Rose DW Forever

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6.) Fandom Fun

It’s always great to have someone that you can fangirl with or obsess over the latest nerd topics. Collecting POP figures won’t be hard anymore once you have someone to share that with. Those comic books you’ve saved for years could be shown off with the love of your life. Matching Pokemon mugs for your morning coffee will be great with your breakfast mate!