Source: Buzzfeed Unsolved

Hey readers, it’s me, ya girl.

Buzzfeed Unsolved returns Friday, January 26th for their third season of true crime stories. The trailer for this latest season dropped on January 12th. This season guarantees 8 episodes of true crime stories. It seems like they really ramped their budget this season for their dramatization scenes this season. The boys also venture into one of the most requested true crime cases, the Jack the Ripper murders.

Buzzfeed Unsolved first premiered back in February of 2016. Since then it has become an internet sensation and has had two previous seasons of true crime, three seasons of supernatural, and a single season focusing on unsolved sports mysteries.

The show, if you’re unaware, features two Buzzfeed writers, Shane Madej and Ryan Bergara, delving into various mysteries ranging from the Black Dahlia murders to infamous hauntings like the Sallie House. Shane and Ryan blend humor, theories, and factual information to provide a storytelling experience unlike any other.

Again, season 3 of True Crime airs Friday, January 26th on the Buzzfeed Blue YouTube channel.