Legends Season 3 Poster

Legends of Tomorrow Poster. Photo Courtesy of CW.

Did the midseason finale of Legends Of Tomorrow leave you wanting more? Well sadly you’ll have to wait a little longer than usual to see the team return to the fight against Mallus.

Thanks to a press release from CW, we now know that Legends Of Tomorrow will be switching off with Supergirl’s Monday night time slot at 8pm EST when it returns on February 12th.

Supergirl will be returning earlier, with all new episodes on January 15th, and then taking a break once Legends Of Tomorrow returns on February 12th.  From there, Legends will play continuous episodes until it wraps it’s third season on April 9th.  A week after, Supergirl will return to finish out it’s current season.

Below you can see the promo for the midseason premiere of Legends Of Tomorrow.

John Constantine will be making an appearance as he enlists the team’s aide in some demonic problems—something revealed at the end of the midseason finale. Will he possibly be joining the team for good? Marc Guggenheim recently confirmed that an existing character from the Arrowverse will be joining the Legends to fill the whole left by the exit of both halves of Firestorm. Will the new addition be John Constantine, or maybe the rumored arrival of Wally Kid/Kid Flash, or someone completely unexpected?

We’ll likely have to wait until early next year to find out the answer to this. Until then though, check here for any updates on the Legends, and be sure to tune in when Legends of Tomorrow returns to The CW on February 12th at 8pm EST.