With the holidays in full swing, one may need to find time to relax and unwind. The most efficient way is to snuggle up with an entertaining video game such as “Santa’s Magical Sleigh”.

“Santa’s Magical Sleigh” is a new puzzle-platformer, similar to original Mario games, that can be used to spread holiday cheer. This new twist on an old classic will be available on both Nintendo Entertainment Systems and PC. The creators look forward to creating the experience via cartages for the NES.

Santa is known for spreading joy to the world and in this universe, the Grinch is sick of it. In order to stop Christmas from happening, he steals Santa’s sleigh. This is where the gamer comes in, one must run, jump, and glide through five different worlds to retrieve the sleigh and send Santa on his merry way.

The most glorious part of “Santa’s Magical Sleigh” isn’t the cute 8-bit graphics, or even the ingenious storyline, but rather the captivating music. I felt I was tossed into Christmas town while listening to the electronic style “Jingle Bells”.

In “Santa’s Magical Sleigh” one can expect to traverse through the North Pole, a haunted castle, and a cave coming to a total of 15 levels of pure Christmas spirit. Overall, “Santa’s Magical Sleigh” will become a holiday staple for years to come.


Source: KickStarter

If one is looking to spread a little holiday cheer the demo of “Santa’s Magical Sleigh can be found on the Kickstarter, along with the featured image and media.