Ocean’s 8 Trailer

Warner Bros Youtube

Warner Brothers has decided to bless us this holiday season by releasing the first trailer for next summer’s highly anticipated all female Ocean’s Reboot.

And y’all! It. Is. Glorious!

I mean, just look at this tiny low-resolution gif all our heroines strutting their stuff in gowns fit for queens! Blanchett’s sparkly green! Rihanna’s red! Kaling’s gold! Awkwafina’s EVERYTHING!

Warner Bros Youtube

Sandra Bullock plays Danny’s Ocean’s sister, who gets out of jail and immediately plans a heist. She recruits some badass women (including computer hacker Rihanna, jewelry connaisseur Mindy Kaling, & card expert Awkwafina) and they decide to break into the MET Gala & rob Anne Hathaway’s character’s enormous & glitzy diamond necklace.

Look at this title card, the coolness is off the charts. Like, Rihanna is in a movie with Mindy Kaling – I CANNOT PROCESS. This movie looks like it’s going to be the embodiment of everything I never even knew I wanted.

Warner Bros Youtube

The stars of this movie collectively have multiple Grammy’s, Oscars, SAG Awards, Emmy’s, Golden Globes, MTV VMA’s & a few Razzies! Hopefully with this film, they all add some more hardware to their trophy rooms.

Check the full trailer out below and keep it locked on The Game Of Nerds for all you need to know about Ocean’s Eight in the months counting down to it’s release in the summer of 2018.


Author: Hasti

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