Hola and welcome to another Overwatch Tips! We’ll be talking about the stealthy, loud mouthed hacker none other than Sombra. Though she might not be a must pick in the competitive scene, she has been used very effitiantly by the pros. Stick around and find out how they might use her.


It’s very well known that Sombra isn’t exactly the type of hero to get these massive kills in the heat of battle and going out to lead a charge. She is mostly used for keeping those health packs hacked, finishing off enemies for your teammates, hacking the enemy during 1v1’s to give yourself that unfair advantage. Being more team oriented while playing Sombra pays off in a big way.


Sombra’s EMP is one of my personal favorite ultimates in the game. Making the other team absolutley hopeless is the best feeling. Pairing is also very essential in success with her ult. Triple pairing an EMP, Graviton, and a variation of Pharah, D.Va, Reinhardt, Hanzo. There is a whole bunch of heroes to choose from when it comes to pairing with EMP.

Hacking Health Packs

What is the driving force in making Sombra viable is staying aware of your hacked health packs. The tough part is getting your team to use your health packs often. This will help you build up your ult way faster than if they were ignoring your health packs. Also if you get backed up into a corner and are forced to be in a 1v1 fight, find your hcked health pack and dance around it until you either kill them or have a teammate help you.

Overwatch-Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch-Blizzard Entertainment


Sombra’s hack alone helps her in a lot of match ups. Taking away the abilities and shields from tanks will make a group effort very easy against one defenseless tank. And  eliminating Tracer’s blinks and recalls will help getting her off the point. Also being able to sneak up behind a bastion and hack him out of turret form will be huge in the long run. But heroes that might be able to sniff you out before you try to get behind them are Hanzo, Widowmaker, and Winston. The first two will be able to detect you while you are invisible. And Winston’s gun will be able to lock onto you if you are too close.

Even if you might not be able to get Sombra down in competitive, she is still very fun and there is no shame in playing her in quick play. And it is a great feeling hacking someone else’s play of the game. I hope this helped and we’ll see you next time.