Photo Courtesy of Disney•Pixar Studios

The latest animated classic from the House of Mouse and Pixar, “Coco” tells the tale of a boy named Miguel, whose ultimate dream is to be a musician.

Drawing inspiration from the Mexican traditions of Día de los Muertos, “Coco” shows that age-old story of defying one’s family to reach one’s destiny. In the case of Miguel, it is to be a great musician.

Courtesy of Disney•Pixar Studios

A film unlike any other, “Coco” pulls heavily from the cultural and ethnic aspects of Mexican life. According to TGON friend-and Mexican cultural expert-@MexiCarli:

Mexico is a land fascinated by death, and the Mexica calendar (which spans 18 months) marks at least 6 separate times on which the dead are celebrated.”

Courtesy of Disney•Pixar Studios

Boasting a who’s who of Latinx actors, “Coco” will delight audiences beginning November 22nd. Check out the trailer below:

Stay tuned for TGON’s upcoming review of “Coco.”