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Got an infestation of vampires you need taken care of? Give The Executioner a call. Anita Blake can take care of not only your vampire problem, but any pesky lycan concerns you may have too. She can even raise your dead family to boot. She is one hell of a woman who kicks butt first and takes names second.

Anita Blake is of German and Mexican decent. She grew up with her father after her mother died when she was eight in a car accident. Her father married a woman named Judith when she was 10. From then on she felt out-of-place in her own family because she is petite with dark hair and eyes that show her Mexican heritage rather than looking like her German father and her new step family who are all tall and fair in coloring.

Anita is a powerful necromancer, the most powerful one seen in centuries. When she was young, before her mother’s mother, Grandma Flores, taught her to control her ability she accidentally raised the family pet from the dead. In college she majored in preternatural biology where she also accidentally raised a professor who had committed suicide. Fresh out of college, Bert Vaughn recruited her to raise the dead for him at Animator’s Inc. She uses this job to keep her necromancy in check. Aside from being an animator, she is a vampire executioner turned Federal Marshall. Anita has the highest vampire kills in the country even before becoming a Federal Marshall and this has earned her the nickname “The Executioner” from the preternatural community.

At one point in her life, Anita knew who the monsters were. They were the vampires and lycans. The humans, especially the cops, were the good guys. Even if the humans were not good people they were still humans and worth protection. Today the line is a bit blurred. She has found some humans to be monstrous and some “monsters” to more human than humans. She is engaged to and is the human servant to Jean-Claude who was the Master of the City of St. Louis but is now the Vampire King of America. Anita is also going to have an informal three-way civil ceremony with her Nimir-Raj (leopard king to her leopard queen or Nimir-Ra) Micah and her leopard to call Nathaniel. She has several lovers who are some flavor of lycan and others who are vampire. If that weren’t enough, now she has succubus powers like Jean Claude.

Going to church is a chore for most people. For other people it is an absolute joy. As with all things in her life, church is complicated. She grew up Catholic and continued to go to church until the Pope declared all animators ex-communicated. She is devout in her belief in God so she joined the Episcopalian church. Not to mention that with the Episcopalian church, she would still have access to holy water and a priest to bless crosses. In recent years she has been getting guidance and metaphysical powers training from a witch named Mariann. Even still, her faith in God remains intact and strong.

I realize that Anita sounds a bit of slutty but there really is a reason. As her necromancy powers have grown as well as the vampire marks she shares with Jean-Claude who is for all intents and purposes an incubus, has become a succubus. Up until she and Jean Claude made love she had been celibate after her fiancée in college broke up with her. She even went through an engagement to Richard the local werewolf pack leader without falling off the wagon.

Anita is a fearsome woman. Not only is she the most powerful necromancer seen in centuries and a succubus, she is a lycan without shifting. She is the equivalent of a queen to a number of were animal groups in St. Louis. She can raise the dead that looks alive not like a zombie off the big screen and she can raise an entire cemetery of them too. She is a black belt in Judo and a student of both Kenpo Karate and MMA. She has a number of animals to call and has a vampire servant. Anita can heal because of the munin, the ghost of a pack member, which she carries. She is stronger, faster and harder to damage than a regular human.

Needless to say Anita is a formidable enemy. She makes an even better friend. One her most likable traits is her fierce loyalty. If she considers you a friend or family she will move Heaven and Earth and walk through the fires of Hell to help you and keep you safe. She knows herself well enough to admit her shortcoming even if it is only to herself but this part of her character more than makes up for her defects. She will be up front with you and tell you how it is. So do not ask her a question you don’t want to hear the truth to. Being tactful is a skill she is still working on.

Meet Anita in her first book in the series by Laurell K. Hamilton, Guilty Pleasures. She also has a graphic novel series from Marvel Comics that follows the books but actually starts with a 2 book pre story The First Death.

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Image Source: Anita Blake By Laurell K. Hamilton The First Death Marvel Comics