Well known stories are always a great source of inspiration for movies. So much that sometimes the same kind of movie gets released shortly after one another. In 2016, Disney released their version of The Jungle Book, and next year we will get another version. This upcoming version is directed by Andy Serkis and written by Callie Kloves, based on The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling.


Andy Serkis;  photo source

Although it is based on the same book, there will be significant differences between Disney’s and Warner Bros’ versions. For example, as Warner Bros. Pictures chief Toby Emmerich told Variety:

“I’m very curious how the world embraces it. It is based on the same source material that the Disney movie is based on, but man, is it a different interpretation. If Rudyard Kipling saw this movie, he would more readily recognize it as an adaptation of his book.”

Andy Serkis also has something to say about the difference in ambience:

“The screen adaptation by Steve and Callie Kloves is very truthful to the original book; it doesn’t shy away from its darkness.”

Unlike Jon Favreau’s Disney movie, Andy Serkis is creating his leads via motion-capture. According to Serkis, the actors play their role in an Action Capture environment. Therefore you don’t see the human, but they are acting the role rather than just voicing. This is another difference between the two Jungle Book movies, as Andy Serkis explained to ScreenRant:

“Well, ours is using performance capture, and theirs didn’t. Ours is shot on location, it’s in real locations, we shot in South Africa. [The film] is very much more like live action photography… We have these actors who played the animals as opposed to [just voicing] the animals, so there’s a great difference in that. The way of embodying that character and owning that role all the way through the conception and authorship of the role. [This version], as [in] the book, is grounded in India. It’s colonial and turn of the century, so it has that sort of authenticity and, I suppose, that sense of [being] closer to Rudyard Kipling’s world.”

The cast

As of now, the cast is as follows:

Real life cast
Rohan Chand as Mowgli
Matthew Rhys as John Lockwood, the father of the author Rudyard Kipling.
Freida Pinto as Messua, Mowgli’s adoptive mother.

Voice Cast
Andy Serkis as Baloo
Christian Bale as Bagheera
Benedict Cumberbatch as Shere Khan
Tom Hollander as Tabaqui
Cate Blanchett as Kaa
Peter Mullan as Akela
Naomie Harris as Nisha
Jack Reynor as Brother Wolf
Eddie Marsan as Vihaan


Source: empireonline.com

Principal photography officially began on 9 March 2015 and the film was originally planned for a late 2016 release. But after getting intel that Disney would be releasing a live-action remake of its animated film The Jungle Book, the release date was pushed back to 2018.

Current release date is October 19, 2018.