This week we’re back with another foreign film! (Sorry, not sorry) Now, whenever I see the word “teenagers” in a horror movie description, I automatically go into “mreh” mode. Teenagers do some stupid things, we all know that. But this one brings the dull teenager concept back to life!

Set in Peru, Cementario General (General Cemetery) follows a group of teenagers after their decision to make use of an archaic Ouija board. The main protagonist, Andrea, has been suffering through depression and mourning after the death of her father, and her friends convince her to use the Ouija board to contact her father one last time for closure. But, of course, the board must be used in a cemetery. Their actions trigger a series of horrific events, and chaos naturally ensues.

Keep in consideration that this movie won’t blow your mind like last week’s did. You won’t be seeped in complexities and left to over think every detail of the film, but you should expect to be thrown off by how typical tropes are shaken up. The natural charisma between actors helps their characters flow together and smooth out the script as the movie progresses, incorporating unique humor in with the more terrifying events. Their grasp on the characters helps push along the non-traditional takes on traditional tropes and scares, giving the film both believability and drive.

Honestly, the worst complaint I can give about this film is the filming technique. The found footage style is hard to master, and despite the effort, this one got a bit underwhelming at times. Still, the action and plot drive was enough to keep attention focused. If you’re a fan of not-so-subtle demonology, Cementario General (General Cemetery) is a perfectly spooky Netflix pick for you!