Life Will Find a Way

“Life Will Find a Way” Photo Source: Nicole Eeg Instagram: @MidtoWestCoast

There are a lot of up and coming artists that no one knows of or has seen yet on this planet. As the founder of TGON, I feel like it’s my job to help show off various awesome artists in the nerd and geek world. Nicole Eeg has always been an amazing artist. We actually survived elementary to high school together. I’ve constantly been in awe of her insane artistic talent. Lately, she’s been harnessing her inner nerd with some of her artwork. I had the pleasure of interviewing Nicole and getting to know a little bit more about her drawing process. Check it out.

Shannon (S): Where you from? 

Nicole (N): I’m from San Jose California

S: What makes you a nerd? What are your favorite shows, movies, books, games, etc?

N: I guess I’ve always been a quiet nerd. It took me a while to embrace that side of myself. What makes me a nerd is my interests I guess. I enjoy drawing comic style characters, sci-fi, and I love cult classic movies especially from the 80s and 90s. Batman was the beginning of my nerdy obsession though. I used to watch the movie with Michael Keaton to the point of memorizing the dialogue of the movie. Then I was hooked on the animated series, which began my self taught drawing of comic heroes. I later became interested in Alien, and other extra terrestrial movies. Along with fun movies like beetlejuice, gremlins, goonies, Jurassic park, etc. But I also got hooked on Stephen king books, and classic horror stories like Dracula, Frankenstein, etc.

S: What’s the first thing you remember drawing?

N: I remember drawing poison ivy. I think she was my first attempt at drawing a character from a comic. I always loved her, and how artists portray her.

The Perfect Organism

“The Perfect Organism” Photo Source: Nicole Eeg Instagram: @MidtoWestCoast

S: What are some of your favorite things to draw?

N: That’s easy, Spider-Man is my favorite character to draw. I also have this weird love for drawing anatomy. I became interested in it when I took a life drawing class in college. And I also love drawing jellyfish and octopus.

S: What’s your favorite materials to draw with?

N: Graphite mechanical pencils .05, .07. I also love using black ink, and prisma color pencils.

S: What are some of your major sources of inspiration for your art?

N: Sometimes my art is the only way I can feel like my true self. Being totally vulnerable, and showing my interests. Music is a HUGE inspiration for me, especially classical or film scores. It’s a chance for my brain to escape, and to sort of day dream outside of reality. Also seeing other artists great work, only pushes me to keep making art as well.

S: Favorite Artists and why?

First favorite is the men who got me to draw from the start is Bruce Timm (artist of batman animated series), and his work partner Darwyn Cooke who is a iconic artists in the comic world. Their unique style was something that drew me in, and made me practice drawing all the time. Another artist is James Jean. He’s done mainly cover art for comics, fashion art, and music covers. His style is unique as well, and with a more advanced attention to detail. His work always tells a story, and at times the images of his work can be relatable.

Things Only Get Stranger

“Things Only Get Stranger” Photo Source: Nicole Eeg Instagram: @MidtoWestCoast

S: How do you draw? How do you get in the zone? Do you have a special table? Got to have coffee or a specific soundtrack playing?

N: Well again I listen to mainly classical or film score music. Occasionally I like to listen to Sia, and Florence the Machine. I always have to have a iced chai latte by my side when I’m in the drawing mood. I prefer to be alone when I work. I unfortunately don’t have a drawing desk yet, so in the meantime I draw on top of my bed. I hope to get a desk soon though. And good natural lighting is what I prefer, but sometimes I find myself most creative at night.

S: Favorite thing about drawing and your least favorite thing?

N: I love to draw because it’s a stress reliever. I’m giving myself a break, and it’s my passion. I love doing it, and it’s become more than just a hobby for me. It’s how I get through life. My least favorite thing about drawing though is im over critical of myself. I critique myself so badly, that I get discouraged when it comes to putting my work out there for people to see.

S: What’s your best advice for young artists?

N: Try not to be your worst critique, and don’t be embarrassed to show your work. Even if it’s nerdy, dark, colorful, cute, etc. it’s your art, and you should be proud of what you created despite people’s opinions. Expressing feelings, and imagination is a beautiful thing. Embrace it, because
fear of judgement is what sets you back.

S: If you could walk into any job in the art in the world tomorrow, what would it be?

N: Being a gallery artist, and receiving commissions from big comic labels like Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, etc.

Not So Clever Girl

“Not So Clever Girl” Photo Source: Nicole Eeg Instagram: @MidtoWestCoast

S: What are your major art goals and dreams?

N: Honestly just to make art that people enjoy, and possibly have a following of people who want to see more. I like to give people nostalgia, and create a conversation piece for their homes. I want to make nerdy stuff cool, and make it fun for all types of people. Because let’s be real, everyone has some nerdiness inside them. A major art goal too is to make a name for myself. I only hope that when they see my work they can recognize it through my style.

S: Where can people see your work?

You can see my work on my Instagram @midtowestcoast I also plan to open a Etsy shop soon to sell some of my work. So keep looking for updates on my Instagram for when I open my shop.