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Brock and Misty are back!

Recent news has surfaced from the Telubi-kun magazine that the Pokémon Sun and Moon anime will be airing two episodes this September that have Ash and Pikachu returning back to Kanto for a school project. During his visit to Kanto it is said that he will be meeting with his old Pokémon and getting a chance to battle with Brock and Misty!

Pokemon Sun and Moon- Nintendo
Pokemon Sun and Moon- Nintendo

It has also come out that Brock will be showing his Mega Steelix and Misty with her Mega Gyrados. So with the anime reintroducing Mega evolutions, will we see any new ones in the future? Too soon to tell, but the fan in my heart pleads for it! The original crew coming back after about 15 years gets me so excited.

The Pokémon Sun and Moon anime in nearly every episode has some sort of very small easter egg in their episodes as a nod to the old school fans. And that was always something I appreciated. But with a whole two episodes of full on nostalgia I don’t think I’ll be able to contain myself! I don’t even care if the voice actors will not be their originals, just getting another chance to see the characters I would see on Saturday mornings will be something pretty special.

Pokémon Sun and Moon airs on Disney XD Saturdays at 10/9:00 am central time.

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