Are you tired of being bombarded with political topics in your newsfeed? Have no fear! Here are five hand picked sketches from season 42 of Saturday Night Live that are politics free and guranteeed to make you laugh.

#1 QVC Auditions

This sketch is my favorite from the season. It’s well thought out, unexpected, and reminds us all that Kristin Wiig is the freaking best.

#2 David S. Pumpkins

Whether you love him or hate him, you’ll never forget him.

#3 Star Trek Lost Episode

Who doesn’t love a Star Trek sketch? It’s also great to see Bobby Moynihan as a lead character in a sketch, especially since it’s one of his last roles.

#4 Bedroom

Melissa Villasenor showcases her amazing impressions in this hilariously awkward sketch.

#5 Great British Bake Off

The accents, the hair, the slang. What’s not to love?