The episode starts with couples waking up in bed together. Eliza and Arizona share a kiss, whereas Meredith tells Riggs that he needs to leave. She hadn’t meant for them to sleep through the night, and she doesn’t want her kids seeing him. Riggs points out that he’s been over at her house several times already, but Meredith counters that it hasn’t been by accident that he has yet to meet her children. Amelia rolls over and is a little sad that her husband isn’t there, even though she’s the one who left. Speaking of her husband, we switch over to Owen, who hears a knock at his door. Maybe Amelia has come over to make up! Nnnnnnope. Two soldiers stand outside to inform him about his sister. Whether it’s good news or bad news, we’re left to assume, and everything goes muffled with Owen in shock.

owen gets the news

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Stephanie comes back to work after three counseling sessions. Stephanie feels like she’s ready to get back to work. Honestly, I’m very happy that she’s back already and that she wasn’t off the show for any time. Stephanie is one of my favorite characters. Webber is surprised that she’s here already. Her therapist hasn’t signed off, but she gives the paper to Webber and he willingly lets her officially come back. I am sure Eliza won’t be thrilled with this development.

Alex calls Meredith from LA to stalk Jo’s abusive estranged husband (played by Matthew Morrison. Hi Matthew Morrison!).

alex sees paul

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Two patients come in from ambulances. The woman is missing her shirt, and the man is missing his pant. They were ‘parking’ when the car evidently switched into gear and drove off of a cliff.

Owen goes to work, still in shock. He hallucinates seeing those soldiers again, and his hearing is foggy. The world around him seems to be moving slowly. April updates him on patient status. He tries to focus, but just can’t seem to. A woman carrying a baby rushes in, asking for help. Her baby is choking. April attempts to help (though I’m confused on what exactly April is doing or how it is helpful. She’s basically just staring at the baby, who she has laid on its back, as if she has never seen anyone choke before). Owen snaps out of it and walks over to the baby. He picks it up, flips it over, and gives it two very hard smacks on the back, which causes the penny in the baby’s throat to be pushed back out and onto the hospital bed. He asks how long the baby had been choking, and suggests they page neuro to make sure there isn’t brain damage. Everyone seems to be appalled at his methods. Hey, it worked. At least your baby is alive.

owen with the baby

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The topless woman wakes up, and the doctors tell her that she’s at Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital. Bailey notes to April and Maggie that her abdomen is distended. The patient tells them that her name is Alison, and she asks if the guy is alive. She starts coughing up blood, which is never a good sign. With all of the internal bleeding, they prep her for the OR.

Eliza is not pleased to see that Stephanie is back so soon. Stephanie informs her that she has been counseled and Dr. Webber signed her papers. Eliza pulls her off of her neuro duties and puts her back to ‘babysitting,’ which is observation. Being stuck unable to operate, Stephanie laments that she should have went to counseling, to which Eliza wholeheartedly agrees.

Meredith sees a little girl pick up a syringe of epinephrine and quickly rushes to take it out of her hands. She asks the girl, Erin, where her parents are, and the two walk back together. She’s the sister of the baby who choked on a penny. Her parents were so focused on their one child, and this one got bored and wandered off. Arizona confirms that the baby is breathing regularly and is going to be okay. Amelia says that neurologically the baby seems fine, but she’d like to keep her here for a few hours for observation. The parents tell Amelia that they’d like to speak with Owen, and she says she’ll send him by.

amelia with baby

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Amelia finds an unresponsive Owen and asks if he treated a choking baby this morning, because the parents would like to speak with him. Owen is very short with her, and she likely thinks he’s mad at her.

Alex holds an envelope from his private investigator as he sits on a couch at a convention. We see him walk up to Jo’s husband and ask if he is Paul Stadler (which he is). He acts as if he is a fan of a paper Paul had written on new approaches to antibiotic resistance to pathogens. Apparently he is in the medical field, too, which I’m not sure we knew before now. Alex introduces himself as ‘Alex Stevens’ (Alex’s ex-wife Izzie’s last name!) asks if he can buy him a drink, and the two get extremely drunk together, exchanging high fives. They stumble outside together, and Paul gets a call from his girlfriend. He ignores her call and yells, “Out of town means out of town, bitch!” Alex turns to Paul and starts punching him, saying that this is from his wife. When the police start to show up, and Alex is behind bars, real Alex snaps out of his daydream. Thank God.

alex beats paul

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Jackson asks Stephanie about the suture she’s doing on the patient’s head and he’s mildly impressed that she’s running a subcuticular. He is still unconscious, and the woman is still in the OR. Stephanie tells Jackson that his head CT is clear and he has a grade-three liver lac. Stephanie will have to monitor with frequent abdominal exams. The man wakes up and starts gagging on his tubes. He’s startled and asks what is happening. We learn his name is Keith. They inform him that Alison is here too. He is very concerned and asks if she’s alright. Jackson says she’s in surgery with severe internal injuries. He tries to stand up, but it hurts too much.

Meredith and Riggs talk about their patients and Meredith spots Erin messing with the lights on the scan board. She asks what it does, and Riggs puts one of the scans on it and flips the light on so that she can see it. (Sidenote: it annoyed me more than it should have that Riggs put the scan on that unlit spot. I’m sure he had his doctorly reasons, though.) His whole interaction with the girl goes very well, and Riggs and Meredith safely re-return her to her parents. Once Riggs and Meredith are alone again, Meredith asks Riggs over for dinner. To meet her kids. He offers to cook, but Meredith says she’ll cook something the kids like, and she also says that he can stay for part of the night, if he wants.

riggs shows scans

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Stephanie voyages outside of her patient’s room to find information on his ‘girlfriend.’ Eliza reminds her that she is to be monitoring him, and Stephanie orally recites all of his current stats. The doctors (Stephanie, Maggie, Eliza, Arizona, Jackson, and DeLuca) discuss how both patients asked about the other as soon as they woke up. Some think it’s sweet. Maggie says that it figures that they were in love and ended up bleeding in the bottom of a canyon. Keith wants to see Alison as soon as possible, but Meredith wants him immobilized for the next day.

Meredith approaches Amelia, who tells her that Owen is giving her the silent treatment. Meredith pulls the focus and updates on her invitation to Riggs. She’s feeling nauseated after setting up tonight. Amelia concludes that she’s worried that the kids will like Riggs and get attached, and then her relationship will fall through, making it more difficult than if the kids never met him. Meredith denies that this is why. Amelia reminds her that Derek is dead and Maggie is fine, so there isn’t anything holding her back. She should just try to accept happiness.

Owen finds the baby’s family, ready to be reprimanded for his behavior, but instead, they thank him. The mother hugs him, and he goes into shock again. He manages to push her away and say “stop it!” He walks off, and Amelia follows him into a supply closet. She stares at him until he volunteers his news — soldiers came to his house today and said they found his sister. Amelia assumes the worst, and comforts him about finally getting some peace. While she’s hugging him, Owen drops the even bigger news — she’s alive! They found her in a basement in a rebel-held neighborhood. There was a raid and she was left there. She’s currently at an army hospital in Germany. Amelia has many questions, but Owen’s worried that it might not be his sister and he doesn’t want to get his hopes up. Amelia says that they’ll find out.


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Paul is about to give a speech, and Alex wishes him luck. Alex says that he’s a friend of ‘Brooke’ (JO’S REAL NAME, FINALLY REVEALED??). Paul casually asks where Brooke is, and Alex says that he shouldn’t ever think of her again. Paul heads out to give his speech. When Alex is back in Seattle, he goes to visit Jo. When he walks through the door, Paul is strangling her to death. Of course this is yet another daydream. Alex comes back to reality and crumples up the program that he is holding, and he walks off, clearly deciding against this approach.

paul killing jo

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Stephanie catches Keith trying very hard to walk out of his hospital room. She quickly puts him back in bed and reminds him that he isn’t supposed to move for 24 hours because of his liver. He’s so worried that Alison will wake up surrounded by doctors and be scared. When he says that Steph doesn’t know what that’s like, Stephanie softens, since she does know what it’s like.

Back at Chez Grey, Amelia calls the army hospital in Germany where his sister is supposed to be. Owen tells her to ask for Dr. Teddy Altman. (Teddy! It’s nice to hear you’re still alive in the Grey’s Universe, even though we only see and hear Amelia’s side of the conversation, and Kim Raver is nowhere around.) Once Teddy is on the phone, she asks to speak directly to Owen, but Owen waves her off. Teddy confirms that his sister, Megan, is alive, and once they can fly her to the US, she’ll be transferred to Grey-Sloan Memorial. Owen still is in shock and denial. Amelia says she’s called the best PTSD expert to come to Seattle to help with everything (with both Megan and Owen), which was a really smart and thoughtful touch. Owen thinks about all of the regular-life things he did while his little sister had been held and tortured for ten years. (This kind of parallels a patient’s story in 13×14, where the parents couldn’t feel relieved that their daughter was actually still alive, because now they know that she had been suffering all of these years while they tried to forget about her.)

amelia talks to teddy

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In the elevator, Maggie and Jackson talk about Alison and Keith. Earlier, Jackson had argued that maybe they weren’t in love, but they were just horny. Maggie finds that cynical and chooses to believe that they’re in love. She says that, as doctors, they get to help those two love again. Or screw again, but Maggie wants to believe it’s love. After they get off of the elevator, Erin gets on and pushes all of the buttons. Maggie and Jackson go to Alison’s room, where Bailey is already. Alison stirs awake. When she remembers what’s going on, she asks if he’s still alive or if she killed him. Bailey reassures that she didn’t do anything, and Alison replies, “Please. Tell me I killed him.” The room goes stiff as Alison recounts her story — a man got in her car, put a knife to her throat, made her drive to the woods, and when he tried to rape her, she hit the gas. She was willing to die as long as he died, too. Jackson takes off to find Stephanie the second the words are out of Alison’s mouth, but, as we see, Stephanie is already wheeling Keith down the hall in a wheelchair, so that he can see his ‘girlfriend.’

alison pleads

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Back in LA, after the conference, Alex and Paul both make an attempt at the same taxi. Paul asks Alex if he wants to split it. Alex declines, and Paul leaves for the airport.

As Stephanie pushes Keith down the hallway, a few police officers rush by. Stephanie sees Hannah Brody, an intern, and calls her over, asking what happened. Hannah fills her in — one of the patient’s had been raped. After Hannah leaves, Keith tries to stand, but, once again, Stephanie reminds him that he can’t stand at this point in his recovery. He has a scalpel under his sleeve, and he holds it to her throat after slamming Stephanie against the wall. (There were just people in this hallway, and Hannah probably was close enough to hear the thud she made against the wall. Why is everyone so inattentive?)


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Meredith comes home with her ⅔ of her children (Zola and Bailey. Where is baby Ellis?), and she informs them that she is going to have a guest over for dinner. Zola asks if it’s Owen. Meredith begins to say that it’s someone they haven’t met before, but Zola asks why Owen is here if he isn’t the guest. Meredith looks over into her living room where Owen is sleeping on the couch with his head in Amelia’s lap. Meredith asks what is going on, and Amelia says to get the kids settled in their rooms before she explains.

mer kids.png

With the blade pressed against Stephanie’s side, she and Keith walk down the hospital halls. The plan is for Stephanie to get him out of the hospital undetected. They have to pass Ben, who asks if Steph needs help. She says that she’s “taking him out on a test drive” on Eliza’s orders. Stephanie and Keith make their way to a door which leads to the staircase. Steph views this as his best chance of getting out undetected, but with how injured he is, Keith gets violent and yells at her (in the open doorway where people can likely see and hear them! Why is everyone disappearing so quickly, and why is Keith such an idiot?) before agreeing there isn’t another option.

Bailey demands that there be two officers outside of Alison’s door at all times. Jackson announces that Keith and Stephanie are gone, and Stephanie hasn’t been responding to any of his texts. Bailey puts the hospital on lockdown.

As they navigate down the hallway, Stephanie repeatedly mumbles “please bleed out” as a form of prayer. He tells her to shut up, and Steph attempts to injure him by slamming him against the wall. He soon has her pinned against the steps, pressing the blade into her throat just enough to make her bleed. He might have done worse, but they hear someone walking on the stairs a few flights down, so he pulls her through the first door. The floor they exit on is completely empty, aside from the little wandering girl from earlier, Erin. Steph asks Erin to go back out of the door on the other side, but Erin says it won’t open. Keith asks Erin some personal questions, and Steph steps forward, telling Erin she needs to go. Keith grabs Steph and pulls her back to him. When Stephanie fails to convince him to let Erin go, she suggests that the two of them go back into the stairwell, locking Erin alone on this floor, so she can’t tell anyone until he’s gone. He agrees to this idea, but when Stephanie swipes her card, the door won’t lock because the hospital is in lockdown.

keith steph erin

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Amelia fills Meredith in on the current Megan situation. Mer asks if Riggs knows yet, but Owen hasn’t told anyone aside from Amelia — not even his mother. Meredith decides that she is going to tell Riggs right now, because, if Derek was alive, she’d want to know as soon as someone had that information. She gives Amelia brief directions on babysitting Ellis.

amelia tells mer

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Jackson won’t stop pacing with worry about Steph, so Maggie tells him to sit down. With all of the cops searching the hospital, she assures him that Stephanie will be fine. He feels guilty, though, that he had left her alone with him. She hypothesizes that Keith probably got out of the hospital before it was put on lockdown, and that’s why they haven’t found him yet. And as for the unreturned texts, she might not have had her phone on her when the doors locked. Maggie is separated from her phone, too. Maggie feels bad that she had assumed the two patients had been in love, when the reality turned out to be so ugly.

Stephanie sits on the floor with Erin while Keith tries to pry open the door. He’s desperate to leave. He starts getting violent, and Stephanie tells him again that there is no way that she can open the door until the lockdown is over, or if some kind of emergency services is registered, like a fire. He snatches Steph up by her wrist, and takes her into the lab. He demands that she give him something he can start a fire with. She won’t budge, but Erin holds out spark lighter.

spark lighter

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He holds the blade to Steph’s neck as he has Erin collect all of the other resources that he will need, but Stephanie protests when it becomes clear that he wants Erin to start the fire herself. He gives in and let’s Erin run back over to Stephanie, and he moves to start it himself. He realizes quickly that the ceiling is too high for him to just hold the small flame up and set off the water sprinklers. He finds an IV pole to hoist the fabric once it has been caught on fire. Once the doors open, his plan is to take Erin with him, since no one is going to stop a man carrying a child out of a burning building. (Someone has seen the sinking in Titanic too many times.) While he has his back to the girls, trying to light the fire, Stephanie sees the abandoned alcohol and scalpel on the floor. She tells Erin to turn behind and cover her eyes. She inches her way over, as not to get caught. He successfully starts the fire and holds it toward the ceiling when he hear a drizzling sound. Keith turns around and sees Stephanie squinting the alcohol onto him. A look of panic registers on his face. A little piece of burning fabric falls onto the floor by his feet, which is drenched in alcohol. In an instant, Keith is engulfed in flames. Stephanie scoops up Erin and runs into one of the rooms and shuts the door. The flames overtake Keith, and he lies on the floor… next to several tanks of oxygen.

lies by oxygen tanks

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Seeing this disaster-in-progress, Stephanie orders Erin to go to the opposite side of the room, as far away from Keith as possible, and Steph runs out, hoping to stop it. She’s almost to him when the tanks explode. The blast sends Stephanie flying backward. From outside of the hospital, Meredith sees an explosion bursting out of a window. This is, well, not good.


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As I thought, the Grey’s drama was simmering down just in time to do something big. Shonda, I swear, Stephanie Edwards better be okay. Megan’s appearance is sure to make some sort of split in Merriggs, which maybe wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. Grey’s Anatomy returns tonight for its season 13 finale.