This weeks episode of The 100 had a strong Hunger Games feel with clans fighting to the death. Bellamy goes to talk to his sister but she says she doesn’t want a pep talk, she is fully aware of what the odds are. She says if she dies she dies, but she wants to go down fighting. Clarke tells her that she has got this. The rules of this battle is a member from every clan has to stay in the city and fight to the death, the winner will hold every fallen soldiers Sigil. When the champions are being introduced Luna joins the fight, she is joining as the last member of her clan, but she says she is joining this conclave and will fight for death, when she wins nobody will be saved. This has a lot of people shook since Luna was made for combat like this.

While everyone is prepping, Indra comes over to talk to Octavia and give her a pep talk. She notices Lincolns tattoo and gives her some advice on what weapon to use and what weapon not to use and what defense to use to not be exposed. She goes on and offers Octavia her sword and says she hopes that she takes it. Octavia asks Indra why she is helping her, if she wins Indra’s people will die as she is not fighting for her crew. She says that Octavia IS her people, she taught her how to fight, but Octavia chooses who she fights for. It was a very touching exchange between the two.

Clarke is very worried about Luna’s abilities in this fight, she sounds like she wants to cheat in this conclave. Cain says no, because if they are caught they all die. Bellamy and Cain go to talk to Octavia, Cain gives her some advice on weaknesses of a couple warriors. Bellamy seems reluctant to speak until Octavia presses him, he thinks that she should use her stealth abilities to her advantage. She doesn’t have to go out and kill all 12 of the strongest warriors, Octavia finally realizes that she just has to kill the last one. While Octavia and Cain were talking with Octavia, Clarke, who I’m going to say has turned into a pretty hateful snake in my eyes, goes to Roan for a last ditch alliance, Roan doesn’t want to give Clarke the time of day. Not long after the conclave officially begins, a number of the entrants just stupidly rush into battle, while Octavia does hang back and hides. During this cat and mouse game someone notices Octavia, but after chasing her, with Octavia hiding, he runs into Roan who just killed someone and attacks Roan and is killed.

Octavia decides to go back to the original starting spot, the gathering room where people picked out the weapons before the battle. Luna happened to be waiting there, telling Octavia she was smart for going there, she continues that Lincoln was a fool and would be ashamed of Octavia. Luna gets the early upper hand on Octavia but Octavia is able to strike a blow on some pipes above that crashed into Luna allowing Octavia to escape. Luna says that she can’t hide forever. Bellamy is up in the viewing area and notices that a fighter is taken down by a bow and arrow, however he doesn’t remember someone having one to start with. Bellamy is certain that Ice Nation is cheating and he sees that Echo is missing and he is certain that she is on the battlefield. Cain stops Bellamy and says to go at night so they won’t be caught and automatically disqualified.

Octavia runs into Ilian, he suggests that they join up, some other alliances join up and so should they. Octavia declines and says if she sees him again she will kill him. After leaving the area Ilian was she notices two people walking in an alley and waits or them to leave and tries to go the other way right into a third member of this group and thus right into a pickle. The men start to knock around Octavia when Ilian jumps down to help, with the diversion and his help the duo are able to take down the three attackers. When the two are talking after the fight Ilian takes a perfectly placed arrow through his neck! Octavia gets them both to cover to try to figure out what is going on. Ilian tells Octavia she needs to kill him, he can’t feel his legs, and she said next time he saw her she would kill him. She says it wasn’t like that but has no choice and ends his life and takes his sigil and leaves.

With nightfall finally arriving, Bellamy makes his way on to the battlefield towards where he believes Echo to be. On his approach he stops when Luna and another person are fighting, with Luna killing another entrant. Octavia ends up in Echo’s cross hairs again but Bellamy gets to the room which causes Echo to lose focus and the two fight. The fight is so loud Roan is the first on the scene, with Octavia also going to look at what is going on. Roan broke it up and said he could hear it all the way down the street. Roan says he knew those two just couldn’t stay away, Bellamy saying he was just trying to stop Echo. Roan wants Echo to explain, she says that nobody has to know and she just wants to help her people, Roan says that he is not his mother and will not accept dishonor. From that point on Echo is banished from the clan, he tells her that she has to get off of the field without being seen or she will know she is the cause of death of all her people via disqualification. Roan turns his attention to Bellamy saying, with his presence it must mean Octavia is still alive, he could just call a scout and have Octavia killed but what is the fun in that? He tells Bellamy before he kills her he will tell her how lucky she was to have him as a brother. Bellamy says she has survived harder things and before she guts Roan that Bellamy was in fact the lucky one.

We get down to the final four, Luna, Roan, Octavia and another tribe. Roan and Octavia meet up and Roan offers up a truce, saying that they can’t be Luna separately but can do it together, after they defeat Luna, the best fighter wins and one of these two crews needs to survive for humanities sake. The pair track down Luna just after she dispatches of the fourth clan, Octavia moves around to get Luna in a pickle, but Luna is such a great fighter she is able to ward off both of their blows, Roan finally gets a pretty good opportunity to strike Luna when black rain comes! Octavia is getting pummeled by the black rain and scurries for cover telling Roan to do the same. Black rain seems to have no effect on Luna, and Roan just kept fighting, but as expected in straight up one on one combat Luna is like no other and stabs Roan a few times and drowns him in the fountain, just leaving two.

With Octavia hurting and at a disadvantage Luna slowly stocks Octavia, Octavia was bleeding, but used that to her advantage, she set up a blood trap into a small hiding spot. Luna follows it and feels she has this thing won and starts stabbing into the doors a couple times when she sees no blood. Octavia came up from behind and stabbed Luna killing her where she stood. She says that Luna is wrong, this world has people worth saving, but she is just not one of those people. Octavia has gathered all the tags, brings them to the throne room and is declared the winner and bunker access for her crew. Octavia speaks and says she wasn’t fighting for her crew, she was fighting for herself. But she realizes that wasn’t sure either, she was fighting for everyone. She says her crew will not take the entire bunker, they will share it equally and all crews will survive prime fire together. Indra was so proud of Octavia and tells her Lincoln would be as well, Octavia notices that Bellamy is gone and nobody knows where he is, he was taken off of the battlefield earlier.

We see Bellamy waking up wondering where he is at, he sees Clarke and Jaha. Clarke has double crossed everyone and moved their crew into the bunker. They sent someone to capture Bellamy to keep him safe in the bunker. Clarke decided if someone is going to survive it might as well be them. Cain, Octavia, Indra and her daughter go to the hatch to the bunker and sees that the guards were gassed and the hatch has been locked and sealed shut. It’s a harsh realization that Skaikru has betrayed everyone, hard.