You might know that I am a huge Harry Potter fan, and if you didn’t well now you know. One of my dreams is one day to go to the Warner Brothers Studio Tour in London, but unfortunately, I don’t live that close to just go and visit there. I have to still cross a pretty big canal.

So you must understand my excitement when I read about Harry Potter the exhibition and how it was now located in Belgium. Honestly, that is not that far from where I live( going to England would be a lot further) and I was almost planning a trip to go and see the exhibition. Then I heard some great news about the exhibition coming to the Netherlands and of course, you understand that I just had to go. I ordered my tickets as soon as I could but still had to wait a fair amount of time until it was the big day. On the first day of April (the twins birthday) it was finally time to go and see the exhibition.

Basically, the harry potter exhibition is a traveling exposition that gives harry potter fans from all over the world the chance to see some parts of the harry potter universe with their own eyes.

The exhibition is divided into a couple of ‘themes’ or important places in the harry potter universe. Without giving too many spoilers, these are the ‘themes’:

  • The Gryffindor dorm where Harry and Ron spend their non-awake hours at Hogwarts.
  • Some of the Hogwarts classrooms and their representative professors.
  • Props from quidditch at Hogwarts & the 422nd Quidditch World Cup.
  • Hagrid’s hut at the Hogwarts grounds.
  • Next to Hagrid’s hut lies the Forbidden forest with some of the creatures that inhabit the forest.
  • Dark forces and everything that relates to it.
  • The great hall as it was decorated for the Triwizard Tournaments Yule Ball

I absolutely loved it! The amount of time it would take to see everything would have been around one and a half hours, but I easily spend three hours there. It is such a weird experience to see all the props and costumes and realise that those are exactly the things they used to film the movies. It makes the movies just that extra bit real.

The exhibition has already had over 4 million visitors since it started in 2009 and has been to Boston, Toronto, Seattle, New York, Sydney, Singapore, Tokio, Parijs, Shanghai and Brussel. It is still visitable in the Netherlands until the 30th of June before it moves to another (unknown) country.


Foto source: Harry Potter Expo

I’m not going to give you more spoilers, but if you have the opportunity I would totally recommend going!