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Episode Synopsis:

Jess is ready to tell Nick of her true feelings for him. Meanwhile, Nick takes a meeting with a book publisher, as Aly helps Winston reconnect with an important person. Then, Cece and Schmidt receive big news.

Phone number

Aly is officially moved into the loft, but the real surprise was revealed when Winston discovered that Aly found his dad’s phone number. I thought that was a nice little cliffhanger to Aly and Winston’s storyline because if we get a Season 7, we’ll see if Winston’s dad ever returns Winston’s call, which was super brave of him to call him in the first place. Jess’s cowardliness in that moment, really struck a chord in Winston, to not be afraid, and to take that next step in a relationship that is just beginning or is being rediscovered.  And speaking of dads, I realized that all three of the guys in the loft, haven’t had the best relationships with their fathers. This is just the next chapter, to see if Winston can have a happy ending with his own dad. I sure hope so. But back to Aly and Winston. If we get a Season 7, I really want to see the Aly and Winston wedding. It would be a great ending for them and I think it would finish their storyline nicely.

New addition

Well, what a happy ending for Schmidt and Cece in Season 6. A baby is on its way, and I’m so happy for them 👶🏻! I noticed that throughout this episode, there were a lot of references to things in previous seasons, and Cece’s fertility was one of them. We had learned in the episode, “Eggs”, that Cece was running out of time in terms of having a baby, but it wasn’t until now, that we revisited that. Apparently, things were going well “downstairs”, and Cece was able to get pregnant after all. Like Schmidt said, “It’s a caramel miracle.” Also, I really liked how the surprise got discovered in reverse. The gang was super happy for Cece, and when Schmidt found out, it was the sweetest moment of all. He was truly in shock and it was such a sweet gesture, that he bought all those flowers for Cece. He was so happy to know that he was becoming a dad, and I think him and Cece are going to become great parents. I hope if we get a Season 7, that we get to see them cope with taking care of a child. Aside from all this joy; can I just say how happy I was to see Sadie again. I missed her so much, and it was nice that she came back to tell Cece that she was pregnant.

Love ❤

It finally happened everyone! Nick and Jess finally got back together!!!! My heart was so full and I couldn’t contain myself. The lead up was quite interesting, but I think it worked overall. It was definitely that will they, won’t they in the beginning, with Jess overhearing that Nick didn’t believe that Pepperwood and Jessica Night would ever get back together, but slowly, the build up started happening. I was a little shocked that Jess was set on leaving the loft for the summer, and packing up all her things for good. It definitely made   it seem like the series was ending, but thank god Nick and Jess had a change of heart. I loved that the rest of the gang was so invested in the two getting back together and Schmidt and Winston really championed for them at the end. Schmidt really got inside Nick’s head and referenced that Nick fell in love with Jess, the moment she walked through the loft door. He really asked those hard-hitting questions to Nick, and made him see that he really loved Jess. And like I said before, Winston really begged Jess not to leave the loft, without talking to Nick first. He knew that if she didn’t talk to Nick, she would regret it. Thankfully, when they were in the moving van, the radio was playing “I Had the Time of My Life”, because that really brought Jess back to the first time Nick showed that he cared about her. When Jess ran back to the loft, and when Nick discovered Jess’s empty room, it reminded me of the end of “See Ya.” After trying to get to each other, we had yet another amazing moment between them near the elevator, and they finally kissed!!!! Now while this is all fine and dandy; I do have to say that I felt like their moment together was a little rushed. There was barely any interaction between them in terms of revealing their feelings, but that’s why I’m really rooting for another season. We NEED a Season 7 because we need to open the next season with a flashback to that elevator scene, and what actually happened inside that elevator, before the doors opened. We need to see what they said to each other, to feel fully complete and know that they truly love each other. Also, we can’t just end this series here. The Nick and Jess fans have waited so long for these two to get back together, and now that they are, we need to see them progressing in a more adult relationship. Then we could end the series for good.