Movie theaters across America became the Belle of the Ball recently with the release of Disney’s live action remake of Beauty And The Beast. For those of you that haven’t seen the 1991 animated original (How dare you first of all), thi is how the story goes:

Belle was, according to the villagers, an odd girl. She was undoubtedly beautiful, but she was also unconventionally intelligent, and loved to read. Despite her “funny” ways, the village’s most sought after man found himself pining for her hand in marriage, but Belle did not love him and found his ways to be boorish. Through an unforeseen series of events, Belle ends up the unwilling captive of a man cursed to be a beast until he is able to love and find love in return. Will this Beauty be able to find the man within, or will he succumb to the beast?

I can tell you now that, story-wise, the 2017 remake is virtually flawless; though there are one or two new song additions. Along with the new songs, the producers elected to make minor tweaks to characters and scenes, but they were nothing if not a subtle improvement. Beauty And The Beast (2017) was JUST as great as the original, but with Emma Watson, Luke Evans, Emma Thompson, Ewan Mcgregor, Ian Mckellen, Stanley Tucci, Audra McDonald, and Gugu Mbatha-Raw at the helm, there’s no way this film COULDN’T succeed. On top of a star-studded cast, the team behind the film’s CGI did an AMAZING job. The CGI surrounding the beast and a majority of the cast was phenomenal, and definitely sold me on the more outlandish portions of the story. (For example: Talking candelabra.)

The new look on the Tale As Old As Time gets a lot of love out of me, and I recommend you all go see it! As always, thanks for reading!