I’m about to say something that could very well have me assassinated by Battlefield fans…in most cases, I prefer Call of Duty. I can’t really tell you why, but when it comes to multiplayer, I’ve always leaned more toward Call of Duty. Now…I’ve never really liked the campaign of military-based shooter games. Black Ops I was amazing and the continuation via Black Ops II was okay, but most others tend to be repetitive and recycle the same boring ideas.

That being said, I was immediately addicted to Battlefield 1′s campaign. The moment you start the game, you’re thrust into the front-lines of World War I. Try as you might to survive, you won’t. When your person dies, you’re shifted to a new perspective and you continue the fight. During the shift, a voice-over comes on and tells you the story of every soldier, how they thought this war was an adventure when really…it was a death sentence. After four or five times of shifting from soldier to soldier, the area is destroyed by an airstrike, and you’re knocked unconscious. When you cometo, you and one other enemy soldier survive. You both panic, rais your weapons, and in a moment of survivor’s solidarity, decide to lower your guns and keep your lives. The campaign takes you all over the world on various missions, and it became so addicting that I had to keep myself on a timer so I’d be able to handle my other responsibilities.

The multiplayer is…it’s essentially Call of Duty on steroids. Instead of just running around and shooting people, you can get into tanks, airplanes, and other military-based vehicles. It’s very much the feeling of “going to war.” There are different game modes, each one fun by it’s own right, and each one different in it’s own way. The newest Battlefield gets 4 out of 5 glasses, and if you haven’t played it, be sure to try it out!