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Months ago, in a drought of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., I wrote an article speculating what new heroes might appear in the upcoming ABC/IMAX show The Inhumans. Now, in another dry spell, I will continue the series; we just got casting news, and I want to share it and speculate what this means.

The concept of Inhumanity was first introduced to the MCU in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season two, long before the 2019 movie focusing on the Inhuman Royal Family was effectively cancelled. Months ago, it was announced that the movie was being retooled into a IMAX special this upcoming September; and the special will serve as the two-part premiere of an 8-episode TV series with a budget rivaling Game of Thrones.

Inhumans themselves are the descendants of humans who were experimented on by the alien race known as the Kree thousands of years ago. Inhumans have to activate their own abilities through a process known as Terrigenesis, where they inhale the mist excreted by an alien crystal called Terrigen. Upon inhalation, they enter a rock-like cocoon. When they exit their cocoon, they will have a random super-power – useful or useless, but almost always at a high cost.

The upcoming series is to focus on the adventures of the Inhuman royal family of the kingdom Attilan, a secret city hidden on the moon itself. Lets take a look at who is slated to appear.

Anson Mount as Black Bolt
You may remember Anson Mount as Cullen Bohannon from Hell on Wheels. He will be playing the most famous of the Inhumans, King Blackagar Boltagon – also known as Black Bolt. After undergoing Terrigenesis, the King of the Inhumans found himself unable to speak; his voice is now so powerful that even the smallest whisper can shake the earth. He rules silently and firmly, but a king must make difficult decisions. Black Bolt is not always a hero, but he always does what he thinks is best for the Inhuman people. Vin Diesel was originally in talks for this role before it became a television series.

It will be a challenge to play a silent character, but I have faith in Anson – he even recently went silent on social media!

Serinda Swan as Medusa
Serinda Swan is no newcomer to superhero projects, playing Zatanna Zatara on Smallville and Aphrodite on Percy Jackson. Now she will take on the role of Queen Medusalith Amaquelin-Boltagon, the voice of her husband Black Bolt. Medusa is a strong, powerful woman who doesn’t answer to anyone but her husband. She has total control over her signature long red hair, which may sound like a silly super-power; but flowing like water with the strength of iron, Medusa’s deadly prehensile hair is no laughing matter. Arrow actress Elysia Rotaru campaigned to play Medusa, but was ultimately not cast.
I’m curious to see how Medusa’s hair will be handled, even with such a large budget. It definitely could make for a lot of unique action scenes!

Iwan Rheon as Maximus the Mad
As Game of Thrones’ Ramsay Bolton and Misfit’s Simon Bellamy, Iwan Rheon loves to play crazy people with a mean streak; The Inhumans is no exception. He will be portraying Prince Maximus “the Mad” Boltagon, the charismatic prince of Attilan who covets the throne. Fiercely loyal to his city, Maximus simply believes he could rule better, and is constantly looking for ways to undermine his brother Blackagar while retaining the love of his subjects. A mad scientist with the ability to control the minds of others, Maximus will make a deadly foe for the royal family whenever he decides to make his first move.

Iwan Rheon was my first and only choice to play Maximus, and it looks like dreams do come true.

Isabelle Cornish as Crystal
You’ll be forgiven if you don’t recognize the name Isabelle Cornish. This young Australian up-and-comer doesn’t have much to her resumé, but can now add The Inhumans – where she will be playing “The People’s Princess” Crystalia Amaquelin. Loved by all, Medusa’s kind-hearted but impetuous sister is able to control the four elements: wind, water, earth and fire. The youngest Inhuman is not as loyal to her Inhuman bloodline as the rest of the royals, but will do anything to protect her family. Hemlock Grove’s Eliana Jones was rumored for the role before Isabelle was cast.

This could be the start of something special for unknown Isabelle Cornish!

Eme Ikwuakor as Gorgon
If you’ve seen the indie movie Ink or the show Extant, you’ve seen Eme Ikwuakor. He will be playing Lord Gorgon Petragon, military adviser to his paternal cousin Black Bolt and head of the Attilan military. Gorgon is a loud, heavy-drinking powerhouse who would rather fight to solve his problems than talk them out. Luckily, he can do so easily; Gorgon has two strong legs with cloven hooves, capable of causing seismic shocks with his strong stomps. Actor Owen Harn was rumored for the role before it was cast.

I loved Ink and I’m glad to see Eme getting work.

Mike Moh as Triton
Known for playing Ryu in multiple Street Fighter web series, Mike Moh is a martial artist to keep an eye out for. In The Inhumans, he will be portraying Lord Triton Mander-Azur, scout for the Royal Guard. Tragically becoming a scaled fish-like creature after undergoing Terrigenesis, he can no longer live on land – but this doesn’t seem to bother the cool, laid back Triton. Maternal cousin of Blackagar and Maximus and paternal cousin of Medusalith and Crystalia, Triton has known both the King and Queen since birth, bridging the gap between the two families.

This is some prosthetic makeup I am interested in seeing.

Ken Leung as Karnak the Shatterer
Star Wars? Check. X-Men? Check. Saw? Check. Ken Leung has done it all. Now he will be playing Lord Karnak Mander-Azur, the royal counselor and most trusted adviser to his maternal cousin Black Bolt. After his older brother Triton was torn from his family by Terrigenesis, unable to live with them on land, Karnak’s parents refused to let him transform. Now he has trained himself to peak physical and mental condition, partially out of spite. He relies on detecting opponents weaknesses to best them in fights, preferring to solve problems more diplomatically and less violently than Gorgon.

I’m excited to see Ken Leung play off Eme Ikwuakor as the yang to Gorgon’s yin. And who knows – maybe the Karnak in the show will get fed up and see what Terrigen does for him?

Sonya Balmores as Auran
A surfer/actress mostly known for Soul Surfer and Beyond the Break, Sonya Balmores will be playing Auran, no-nonsense head of the Inhuman Royal Guard. Auran is a soldier who is fiercely devoted to her king. She has bat-like ears and the ability to selectively amplify her super-human hearing; if ten people were to say her name at the same time, she could pinpoint exactly where they are on Earth. This character wasn’t in my original article; she is a newer Inhuman that is not a member of the royal family, whom I didn’t expect to appear. Regardless, I am glad to see her!

Auran will also have great prosthetic makeup if she resembles the comic character at all. Excited to see her!

Ellen Woglom as Unknown
If you know who Ellen Woglom is, it’s probably thanks to her recurring roles on Californication and Outlaw as Chelsea Koons and Mereta Stockman respectively. She will be playing a currently unnamed human character; a socially awkward employee of a private aerospace company (that presumably discovers Attilan), waiting to be swept up in the adventure of a lifetime. Can you say “audience surrogate”?

Every show needs a “Skye”, so I guess this is it. I wonder why the name is unknown? Is it unimportant – or very important?

Unknown as Lockjaw
It’s not The Inhumans without Crystal’s 2000 lb. gigantic mustachioed bulldog! Lockjaw will either be played by a dog or will be entirely CGI and has no actor, but he was confirmed to appear. The giant royal companion has the ability to teleport, create psionic projections, sense danger, and – of course – eat any matter in the universe.

Lockjaw is one of the weirdest characters in the Marvel Universe – but if they could pull of Rocket and Groot, Lockjaw will be no problem.