Powerless – Emily Dates A Henchman

Robert Buckley got lost on his way to the iZombie set and made an appearance, Van wants to be Batman’s new Robin and he has no idea that he’s actually his cousin, Danny Pudi & Ron funches aren’t in this episode enough, & Wendy makes out with a rando!

Since moving to Charm City, Emily hasn’t had any fun so Jackie and Wendy agree to take her on a girls night out. I say “agree” because both seem so reluctant to go out, with Jackie leaving almost immediately and Wendy finding some rando dude to play tonsil hockey with all night (#slay).


Just as Em is about to call it a night and give up on men altogether, perfect human specimen Robert Buckley shows up and saves her from an uggo and saves her night.

They start dating and Emily is oblivious to the bruise he develops under his eye in the shape of The Flash’s ring and his creepy boss’s lair and all the other signs that point to him being a henchman.

Everyone else immediately catches on though, it seems dating someone who works for super-villains for money is actually super common in Charm City.


Emily is so tired of always being played and always taking the high road so she decides that this time, with the henchman, she’s going to make him pay for lying to her and for being evil.

Her plan is going well-ish until his henchman friends show up, tie Emily & Jackie up, and start stealing Wayne Security’s indestructible phone case materials. Luckily, Van comes in dressed as Robin and inadvertently scares them into thinking Batman is on the way.

I bet that sentence made no sense right? Let’s back up and discuss what Van and the boys were up to. Danny Pudi and Ron Funches find a Batman boomerang and they know Batman is going to come back for it, so they keep trying to make a cool meeting happen.


Van gets wind of this and also wants in, because many moons ago, Batman (HIS COUSIN, BUT HE DOESN’T KNOW THIS) did some damage to his expensive car in the middle of a rescue and he wants his revenge (and his cheque).

Basically, Van dresses up as Robin so maybe Batman will pick him to be the new boy wonder and then after a few years he’ll bring up the car thing. This whole hoopla culminates in an alleyway where the gang gets mugged, Batman catches the mugger (off-camera) and slyly gets his boomerang back.

This is when Van goes back to the office and scares off the henchmen, though he doesn’t even seem to realize what had been going on!


Powerless airs Thursdays at 8:30/7:30c on NBC

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