TGON Plays: Batman: Arkham Knight Season of Infamy


So, I finally acquired the Season Of Infamy DLC for Batman: Arkham Knight, and I have to say…they did NOT disappoint with these amazing extras.They threw me for loops, made sure to utilize the various tech that Batman always seems to carry, and showed the players new sides to Gotham City. I’m definitely not going to keep you all waiting, let’s just dive right in to these 4 amazing Batman stories!



Jervis Tetch is back and madder than ever in this side-mission. According to Cash, The Mad Hatter simply walked into the GCPD claiming to have 4 hostages, all police officers, and would only speak to the Batman about them. The Alice-In-Wonderland-Obsessed Maniac speaks only in rhymes, so it’s up to Batman to track the missing cops through their last known locations. As The Dark Knight scours the city, he unwittingly plays right in to the Hatter’s hands. Will he escape this with his mind? Or is he doomed to chase the white rabbit forever?


Shadow War: 

Batman gets an alert that a GCPD officer had spotted members of the League of Assassins on one of the rooftops in Gotham. When Batman goes to investigate, he finds two murdered assassins, and a third blood trail that he has to follow. He and Alfred conclude that, without Ra’s Al Ghul to lead them, the Assassins have split into factions and are warring amongst themselves. Is this a war Batman can stop? Or perhaps it’s simply that a new leader has taken the helm, in which case…can The Dark Knight stop them?


Beneath The Surface: 

Nightwing gets in contact with Bruce to alert him that the Iron Heights Penitentiary, a prison air-ship, had crash-landed on the shores of Gotham. After a bit of investigating, Batman discovers that the ship housed Waylon Jones, more commonly known as Killer Croc. Can Batman save the hostages Waylon had taken, and bring the meta-human to justice, or is he simply going to be a bat-sized snack for the Croc?


In From The Cold: 

Alfred sends Batman to investigate a cargo ship that had gotten stranded on a rather large iceberg, but things aren’t as they seem when The Dark Knight finds The Arkham Knight’s militia guarding the ship. When Bruce finds out that Scarecrow had taken Mr. Freeze’s wife after he refused to help them take down the bat,  Bruce promises to return the cryogenically frozen Nora to her husband. Can Batman find her in time? Or will the Ice Queen become another victim in this battle against fear?

I adored the new storylines, and I honestly couldn’t help but be invested in every single one. They bring in new, but not unheard of characters, add twists that I didn’t expect at all, and at some points, made me feel nothing but sympathy for our misunderstood super-villains. If you have the money to spare, I fully recommend you all cash in on this DLC and play for yourselves! It’s $9.99 on the Xbox Store, and as always, thanks for reading!

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