This week’s Scorpion episode took the team back to its roots in a case which made a pleasant amount of sense and was actually quite clever, but more importantly than that, “Faux Money, More Problems” explored the rocky relationship between Paige and her ex-con mother, Veronica.

The episode opens with a flashback to 1992, and pint-size Paige who is acting the role of a lost child in order to aid her mother in a scheme to steal money from innocent people. We then flash forward with the team en route to a winery for a job. Happy and Toby have already gone on ahead, and Paige, Walter, Sylvester, Cabe, and Veronica are escorted from the garage by a fancy limo. The limo is nice until Walter realizes they are being drugged. When they wake up, they find themselves in a warehouse, and their captor, Lucinda, tells them they must comply and print counterfeit bills or else they will all be killed.

They determine that they’ve been brought to a foreign country which Cabe states is “almost as bad as North Korea”. The team starts to panic, but it is surprisingly Veronica who promises she’ll get them out. It was interesting to see Veronica take the lead here, as I never really imagined she would be essential to a case. I assumed she may at some point be the villain, but here she got to play the hero. I haven’t liked her all that much this season, and it’s hard to say whether that’s been her over-the-top personality or her serious lapses in judgment. But this episode decided to take those flaws and spin them into something worth watching, and I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome. This episode was easily the highlight of Lea Thompson’s performance as Veronica Dineen, and it was this episode that made me wonder whether Veronica might be a genius herself.

In fact, Veronica’s knowledge of both counterfeit money and cons gets the team out safe and sound, and Walter’s genius figures out exactly what Lucinda is up to. As it turns out, they were not in a foreign country at all, but rather Simi Valley, California, where a huge US Government money base is held. Walter determines that Lucinda planned to mix the fake bills with the real ones, hence dispersing it the counterfeit into circulation and crashing the economy. This is actually not a bad plan, at least not in comparison to some of the villains Scorpion has faced.

All the while, Happy and Toby had enjoying their rather romantic stroll through the winery, and providing Quintis fans with a delicious kiss that has been long overdue. They discover the rest of the team is in danger and get into action-mode, and we get a few really great scenes of them working together. This episode also touches on Walter’s further attempts to be more diplomatic and friendly towards his coworkers — both ultimately failing, leaving Paige to wonder whether she should change her tactics and take an approach more to her mother’s style, despite her original disdain for it.

Overall, I would say that this was a solid Scorpion episode. I enjoy when the cases are simpler, but the character interactions are more complex. I would definitely say that Veronica has proven herself a worthy member of Team Scorpion!