I’m a shameless ‘shipper. I admit it. I love the slow-burn but at the same time have been known to literally yell “Just KISS already!” at the screen. Whether it’s canon or not, there are really no ships I won’t sail, but here is a list of Five Ships I Will Go Down With (in no particular order):

~~possible spoilers ahead~~

1.) Jamie and Claire Fraser, Outlander (both the books and show)

When I first started reading the books 8 years ago, one of the most wonderful things about them was the realistic and deep abiding love between Jamie and Claire, they are deeply flawed, but completely devoted.

Favorite moment: “But when I stand before God, I’ll have one thing to say to weigh before all the rest. Lord, ye gave me a rare woman and God! I loved her well.


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2) Dean Winchester and Angel of the Lord Castiel, Supernatural

I went from not seeing this ship at all to climbing full on into the burning dumpster within a week of binge watching, and never looked back. Whether you think there is anything romantic about the pairing, Dean and Cas share a deep relationship and chemistry (thanks to Jensen Ackles and Misha Collins) that is undeniable.

Favorite moment: “I’m not leaving here without you. Understand?”


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3) Luke Danes and Lorelai Gilmore, Gilmore Girls

Luke and Lorelai took forever to get their shit together, but it was freaking worth it when these friends finally got over their misgivings and make the plunge. Rory may not have her life together, but I’m glad these two finally grew up and made it official.

Favorite Moment: “Will you just stand still?”


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4) Spike and Buffy, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Theirs has always been a tumultuous and somewhat contentious pairing, and I’m a sucker for the enemies to friends to lovers trope. It’s passionate and tragic and Spike literally gives everything for Buffy. Also they fuck a house down. Team Spuffy FOREVAH!!

Favorite Moment: “You haven’t even come close to hurting me.”

                                “Afraid to give me the chance?”


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5) Eleven and River Song, Doctor Who

I know, I know, everyone is all about Rose and The Doctor, but I have always thought River was one of the best characters on TV, not to mention the show. She is sassy and smart and self reliant and has no problem knocking The Doctor back on his heels. Their love story takes on a tragic turn, too, since their timelines are going in reverse, so every time she sees him, The doctor knows River a little less, while she knows him more.

Favorite moment: “Shut up! I can’t let you die, without knowing you are loved. By so many, and so much. And by no one more than me.”



These are just five of the (many) ships I will sail into the sunset! What are some of yours?