Source: You’re the Worst // FXX

They’re back! After a lengthy hiatus, You’re the Worst returned to FXX this week with the premiere of Season 3. When we last saw our foursome, Jimmy and Gretchen had exchanged “I love yous”, Edgar had decided NOT to move in with Dorothy, and Lindsay reunited with Paul after finding out that she’s pregnant! Last season’s finale capped a hilarious and heartfelt season that saw Gretchen dealing with her depression as she and Jimmy made a go of it as a couple, and thankfully, season 3 kicks off right where we left off!

First things first – Edgar has developed a breakfast tots recipe that looks ahhmazing!  Guys, I’m pretty sure this will be the development of THE SEASON! Yes, breakfast lasagna was pretty impressive, but this takes breakfast food to a whole new level! Also, kudos to the You’re the Worst writer’s room who continues to top themselves with their continuity and inventiveness.

Ok, with that out of the way, I’ll get to the plot. Gretchen and Jimmy are in love. At the end of last season, they said so! Yet, Jimmy seems to think that he can pretend it never happened, and spends the majority of the episode denying those three little words. Why you ask? Well, it would seem that he thinks an exchange of “I love yous” is some sort of death sentence. But Gretchen explains to him that it’s only a promise to try hard. This resonates with him, and with that realization, Jimmy goes all-in with a completely sober “I love you.” You said it, Jimmy! There are no take-backs!

Edgar and Dorothy are also super into each other, but Edgar seems to be having a bit of trouble in the bedroom thanks to his PTSD meds. Despite efforts to spice things up, Edgar can’t seem to perform. Unfortunately, he makes the terrible choice to flush all of his medication down the toilet. This cannot end well.

Finally, we find Lindsay and Paul trying to make a go at their marriage now that they have a baby on the way. Paul, intent on he and Lindsay building their life together, get rid of his recumbent bike and ends any hobby that doesn’t have to do with Lindsay. Promising Lindsay a surprise, he signs them up for a meal delivery service so that they can cook together every night into perpetuity. Lindsay is disappointed, and as she chops mushrooms and listens to Paul’s ipod (bird calls? really?), she slowly spirals out of control. Life with Paul offers no fun or excitement, EVER AGAIN. So, in the shocker to end all shockers, Lindsay panics… and literally stabs him in the side with the knife she was using to cut mushrooms! That was not the ending I was expecting. And needless to say, I think Lindsay and Paul are officially over.