Source: Hasti with The Game of Nerds

“I’m gonna need you to be okay with yeast.”

Michelle Wolf is a household name to me, from watching her as Grown Up Annie on Late Night With Seth Meyers to her incredible work on The Daily Show, so being right up in front of her was surreal. I was basically in awe, like “you’re on the TV, but now you’re in front of me in the coolest pink sneakers freaks out.” Guys, I kept my cool though and she destroyed that room, she had us engaged from the first second and we did not stop laughing all the way through.

Wolf’s material spans an impressive range, from Donald Trump to periods, dating and things people pretend to care about. Her jokes never feel forced or obvious, she always takes it to a new place. She’s also never disrespectful or mean for the sake of being mean – I want to sit every insult comic down and make them watch Michelle do a set, so they ca learn a thing or two! She tackles everything with class and grace, never making you uncomfortable or cringe-y. Wolf plays the room extremely well while sticking to her material, she takes the right cues from the audience and interacts just enough keeping the vibe authentic and friendly.

I saw Michelle Wolf in the winter earlier this year so I’d heard some of the jokes beforehand, yet they still made me laugh as heartily as they had the first time, because her delivery is so unique and iconic. Surprisingly, she also had a sh*t ton of new material, even talking about the democratic national convention, which had literally just happened at that point.

I could go on for days about how amazing she was and how great the vibe in that room was. We all left our seats lighter and happier, because we’d been allowed to witness her magic and be taken on this ride with her. I urge you to watch her standup on YouTube immediately and catch her as part of “the best f*cking news team” on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. The next time this magical unicorn of a comic is in your city or town, buy some tickets faster than you can say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, because next thing you know, she’ll be selling out Madison Square Garden in 2 minutes & you’ll have missed your shot! (Like how I missed my shot to hang out with her and buy her a drink and become her best Canadian friend!)