Day two of the San Diego Comic Con has begun, and we at The Game Of Nerds have compiled a list of what panels we’re most excited for today!

  • Suicide Squad’s Most Wanted: With the film’s premiere on the horizon, we’re definitely hoping to see some juicy new things about the movie and it’s amazing cast of characters.
  • Bones Panel: As the final season of the show comes closer, we at TGON are filled with a mix of sadness and excitement to see how the show signs off and what our beloved characters have to say.
  • AMC’s Fear The Walking Dead and The Walking Dead: Zombies. Crazy Rick face. Lucille. Boats. Beginnings. What more could you need out of a panel filled with cast members from two of the most gory shows on the market? Not to mention, the whole Negan situation!
  • The 100 Panel: Full of sadness, drama, love, and pain, we’re hoping we get some news about Lexa on this panel. (We’re in denial regarding her current situation.)
  • Game Of Thrones Panel: Having just ended their 6th season with an “explosive” and “fire-y” sign off, we need to know what to expect now that Winter has finally hit Westeros.
  • Agents of Shield Panel: Marvel’s most beloved t.v. series better have answers for the latest season, and they’d better have some juicy stuff on what to expect for the new season too!
  • Bates Motel Panel: One of our favorite, more twisted shows, we really need to know where the series is going to take us next!
  • Bob’s Burgers Panel: Probably TGON’s favorite animated series, we just gotta know what our girl Tina is doing now-a-days, and when our spirit animal will be returning to the screens.
  • Orphan Black Panel: So…we’re 98% sure the entire panel is just going to be Tatiana Maslany moving from seat to seat and doing quick costume changes to answer questions about different characters. But still, it’s something we’re excited to witness.
  • Archer Panel: What dirty, goofy, completely insane scenarios will our secret agent man be getting into now? We need to know!
  • iZombie Panel: After ending Season 2 with a surprising twist, we really really REALLY need to know where Liv is going to go with this – So many people seem to know her secret. And what about MAJOR?!?!
  • Scream Queens Panel: We at TGON enjoy murder and mystery a little too much sometimes, but when you do it the way Scream Queens does well…it just leaves us wanting more.
  • Batman: The Killing Joke Premiere: A highly anticipated animated film, this rated R Batman movie is on our top list of things we want to watch!What are you most excited for?