It’ here! Finding Dory has finally been released and it is taking the box office by storm! With Toy Story 3’s release a few years ago, Finding Dory having been released this month, and The Incredibles 2 on the horizon, our childhoods are coming full circle. Now, for those of you who aren’t sure of the movie’s plot, Finding Dory takes place one year after Nemo’s rescue in the first film. Dory is living peacefully alongside Marlin and Nemo, until one day something triggers a memory of her childhood. She remembers who her parents are and where she’s from, but in order to hold onto that memory and keep herself on track, she asks Marlin and Nemo to travel with her. So the trio set out on another adventure across the ocean, with a few cameos from old friends and the arrival of new ones down the road.

When I first read about the film, I was so worried it was going to be a rushed production that would turn out less than spectacular. But, after watching the film, I can tell you that it’s just as good as it’s predecessor: Finding Nemo. The story couples together a sad, heartbreaking story of self-discovery with humor that will make you laugh regardless of age, and the humor highlights Ellen Degeneres’s natural comedic wit, as well as provide a sense of relief to tense situations. I realize it’s animated, but there’s something about this storyline and script that seems angled more toward the adult generation. It’s a movie that kids can go see, but there’s an aspect to it that says “This was meant as a sense of closure for the kids who grew up watching Finding Nemo,” and while I could be reading too much into it, I find it comforting to know that the industries are angling animated movies toward those who grew up watching these characters. Of course, don’t let that hinder you from taking your own children, as this movie is a MUST SEE for all ages. Like many Disney and Pixar movies, the film comes with a Short at the beginning. The short is called “Piper” and follows a baby bird as it learns the world. However, unlike many animated films, Finding Dory has a post-credits scene that will answer any questions you might have regarding this film or Finding Nemo. I’ve also got to praise the film’s strong yet subtle message about marine life in captivity, as well as the necessities of keeping our ocean clean and safe. Be sure to check it out!