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Game of Thrones


Wonder what Sansa wrote to Littlefinger in the script that was sent out from the raven? Thanks to ‘CreepyPancakes’ on reddit we have a great idea of what it said. Photo Credit: CreepyPancakes Reddit

Little does Sansa know Littlefinger was already taking the initiative.

Who is the man in blue?

I admit I don’t know where this originated from. If you know please let me know so I can give proper credit

Their has been a man in blue that has been by Arya a lot lately. Does it have a deeper meaning, or perhaps is it just lazy extra placement? Knowing this show you would think it’s more and most shows have someone who double checks for errors.



Original Photos by Game of Thrones/HBO.

Do you know? Do you have any guesses please let me know!

Need a new binge show on Netflix? Never fear Orange is the New Black returns Friday June 17th for season 4. Early reports is it could be the darkest season yet.

The Walking Dead has been filming again. Who has been spotted?


I chose you! Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

The Walking Dead left off on a scene similar to this, Negan brutally beating someone’s head in. It has been a huge cliff hanger and point of contention. The question is who was it? We know it couldn’t be Carl since the end scene was in full screen and not half screen

Early reports are that Rick, Daryl, Glenn have been spotted in the area. However a rumor that has been picking up steam is that the show is keeping on and paying the deceased actor during filming to throw off the public on who might have been Negan’s victim.