Finally, Me Before You fans got an extended trailer this week! The trailer includes snaps several highly-anticipated scenes from the novel, including the opening scene that renders Will a paraplegic, and the awkward family dinner. Here’s what we thought:

  • Seeing Sam Claflin at Lou’s birthday talking about his disability with the perfect ease that Will brings to the scene reinforces my faith that Claflin is perfect for this role.
  • The lack of Jenna Coleman and Steve Peacoke makes it appear as if the roles of Tanya and Nathan will be downplayed in the film, which is disappointing because both characters are vital to Lou’s journey.
  • Our first look at Matthew Lewis as Patrick is brief, so it’s quite early to judge him on anything yet, but here’s hoping our sweet, awkward Neville can bring the skepticism and arrogance required for the role.
  •  A surprising number of varied scenes were shown, and so far it looks as if this film will actually remain true to it’s source material!
  • Finally, between Clarke, Coleman and Claflin, the eyebrow action in this movie is going to be intense, brace yourselves.

Article Submitted By Rachel Hill