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Brooklyn Nine-Nine “Terry’s Kitties”

Source: Alex C // The Game of Nerds

Would you ever have thought that 1. Terry hate kitties and 2. Some wimpy little white dudes bullied him back in the 90’s?

Last week on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, we got a glimpse into Terry’s past, one of Holt’s vices, and we discovered the true Alpha of the precinct.

Terry and Jake

When Terry was sent a kitten from his old precinct, we discovered that he was bullied back at the 6-5 in ‘96 for trying to pin a set of burglaries on a cat (he could’ve been an accomplice!!) Jake wants to help Terry, mostly to redeem his view of cats, I think. So they work together to try to solved this 20 year old case. For a while it seems like they’re getting nowhere, and Terry seems to get more and more flustered each time he encounters the guys from the 6-5, until Jake stays up all night and cracks it! Once again, Jake to the rescue…is this EVER a surprise? That dude is ALWAYS there for his buddies. Terry also realizes this and sees that he shouldn’t care what the jerks at the 6-5 are doing when he’s got a friend like Jake. Awww.

Holt, Rosa, and Amy (+ Scully and Hitchcock)

Source: Alex C // The Game of Nerds

In a strategically planned storyline where Melissa Fumero could easily cover her baby bump, several of the 9-9 signed up for a bomb diffusing course. Rosa and Amy make it into a contest right away, Holt is being professional, and Scully and Hitchcock are just here for the food. While Amy and Rosa tossed insults at each other (this was pretty one sided actually) Holt secretly crushed them. Turns out he IS competitive and his was his plan to distract them and win all along. It’s always fun to see Andre Braugher having fun and testing his range a little bit. Holt is a man of little emotion, which is why it’s so novel to see him joking or having fun. Fingers crossed we’ll get to see them on the precision course too.

Gina, Boyle, and Adrian

Source: Alex C // The Game of Nerds

So it seems Adrian’s being fully integrated into the 9-9 in the form of storylines with other characters! After getting kicked out of his building, Boyle takes him in as a temporary room–too bad he is ACTUALLY THE WORST. Night terrors, choking, random blood, but Boyle is too meek to say anything to him. Good thing Gina is the Alpha of the precinct and can make anyone do what she wants. I mean, she WAS wearing her wolf sweater…so she made Adrian move out and back off. WITH EASE. This arc reminded me of how great Boyle and Gina storylines are…but then again, almost every combination of characters makes for an interesting subplot.

I’ll leave you tonight with an inspirational quote: “Haters gonna hate. Shake it off. Taylor Swift. Always right.” -Jake Peralta


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