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PSA: Get a mumps vaccine. That shit is disgusting. I don’t want a Simon, Penelope, or a Balthazar anywhere NEAR my neck.

In an effort to cheer Holt up because Kevin is in Paris, Jake deceptively reopened a cold case for the two of them to work on. What was it about? I honestly don’t know. As usual, I pay no attention to the actual cases on this show; that’s okay, right? While investigating, both men caught the mumps and were quarantined to Holt’s house…where they continued to deliriously work on the case. For most of the episode, they got nowhere because they were too distracted by their total body fevers. Then, Amy came over and cooked them their main suspect’s baked ziti recipe (how sweet!), which just happened to have a hidden phone number that helped them crack the case. TEAM WORK! And to top it all off, Holt was mad that Jake lied to him about this case heating back up, but once he realized Jake was just trying to find a way to spend time with him and cheer him up, they made up and now their bromance is even stronger. FRIENDSHIP!

Elsewhere in the precinct:

  • Boyle’s dog died, which is straight-up devastating, and I definitely understand needing time to mourn. Rosa didn’t understand at first and was pushing him to get back to work, but then she got an adorable pup and understood how dogs are the most magical thing in the universe. Then, they held a memorial for Jason (Boyle’s dog). After all, Jason’s “humping was the only thing that got [Boyle] through [his] divorce” (Think before you speak, Boyle)
  • While Holt was quarantined, Terry got to test the waters as Captain. And it wasn’t pretty. Like all type A individuals, he created too many goals for the precinct to accomplish, which in itself, caused the place to start unraveling. Then, Dumb and Dumber (guess who?) went on a hunger strike over a meatball sub–I think I would go insane if I had to deal with them on a daily basis. Turns out, according to the ever-so-wise Gina, the biggest part of being a Captain is just putting out fires, not creating change…especially with a group like the 99.