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TGON Mail Minute: F-Box from Fugitive Toys

We have got a special box review today, I was able to get my hands on an elusive F-Box from Fugitive Toys.

Before we move on we have to cover a few things about this whole process. Most subscription boxes will tell you or give you a hint of the theme ahead of time before ordering & will 90% of the time have a set time frame that the box will ship out. Fugitive toys has never done that, they make a very limited amount of boxes, & will randomly announce that the box has gone live, some times it’s early in a month, sometimes it’s towards the end, you never know, and typically you don’t have an idea of the theme you are bidding on(If you go look you’re to late). This box sold out in roughly 8 minutes at a cost of $32.02 with shipping, this company admits they never make money off this & do it as a thank you to the fans.

Sadly however, this months took a very sad turn, people who weren’t able to get the box started spewing hate on the social media accounts of Fugitive Toys, people went as far as threatening employees of the company. This left Fugitive with only one course of action and to suspend the special F-Box, perhaps for good. As a collector & as a fan we all have to remember that we are not entitled to anything out there, be it goods, services or shows of our favorite characters. I just hope as a fandom community we remember our cooler selves if things don’t go our way.

Enough of the jabber, let’s get to the loot. Tell me do you think this is worth the uproar?

This box’s theme was SDCC.


First up is the biggest bag I have ever seen in person. Next time I’m out and about shopping, I don’t have to worry about carrying anything with my hands! You might see me with this at Wizard World San Jose. This bag measures roughly 2 feet wide by 2.5 feet high! Good start, roughly $9 on secondary market.


2015 San Diego Comic Con International Joker & Harley exclusive collector set mini from Blip Toys. These are chrome painted figurines.  A picture doesn’t do them justice. I love it, retail if you can find it $15, secondary market around $20-25.


Next up a comic, OK not bad, not my favorite, PX Exclusive to SDCC 2015, it says limited release but didn’t have an exact number. Secondary market seems around $6.


Another comic was included from Invader Zim. This does make sense after all the theme is San Diego Comic Con. Same exclusives as the Lando comic however this is a limited edition run of only 4000. One critique I have at this point is comics like these they should be sent in a bag & board behind it. Note to self stock up on those items next time at a comic shop. Secondary market so far for this seems around $9.


I’m sure some people would go crazy for this one. I put it in a bag and board immediately. I’m not the biggest Marvel fan but this is still cool. I’m happy that all comics are exclusive & issue #1. Same situation as the ones before, SDCC exclusive, this variant is limited to 5000. Secondary market hovering around $9 right now which seems low.


This item came in a pop protector which is great. The only place in the United States to directly buy this item from a supplier is from Fugitive Toys. There were 3 exclusives Fugitives : White Lantern Wonder Woman (that doesn’t glow in the dark), Unmasked John Diggle from Arrow, and this White Lantern Wonder Woman that does Glow in the Dark. True story, I bought this exact item from them last week! It is a great piece, glows in the dark, & the secondary market for this is more then I paid for this entire box so either by trade bait or selling off this item the box is worth it. Secondary market is around $33-40 right now.

So what do you think about this box? Do you hope it comes back? Do you have other boxes you would like to see reviewed?

I would give this box an A-.

My only critique is the comics came in the box loose and could have been in a bag and board. Like most subscription boxes, you want to get more value then you paid in case you want to offload stuff you don’t like. Value wise this box hit a home run. Cost $32, secondary market low end is $83 & high end is $96. If you get two times your value you feel like you scored, this was nearly 3 times that. I really hope it comes back and the public can act civil. This was the only one of 13 I was able to get from them and I am hope I can again. Well until next time! – Jon


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