Source: Jasmine for The Game of Nerds

(Photo by Jasmine Isaksson)

On Saturday the 14thof February I embarked on a journey from Wales to England with a friend of mine
to spend a day at Telford Comic Con. As a self-proclaimed nerd I’ve always
wanted to attend a convention but have never had a chance to do so. My dream
has always been to visit SDCC but I figure if I wanted to go to one of the
world’s biggest Comic Con I might as well start off with the UK equivalent. So
after months of talking about it with my friend we booked train tickets and as
a long time Harry Potter fan I bought myself a Hufflepuff robe to dress up. I’m
a LARPer so dressing up is nothing new but cosplaying is something I have never
done before so safe to say I was pretty excited. We took the bus at 7am and
eventually got to Telford for just before midday and man were we met with a
shock. My friend whom had been before told me she had never seen it as busy as
it was when we got there and the queue stretched out all the way to beyond the
carpark of Telford International Centre but we didn’t mind queuing as it gave
us a fantastic opportunity to admire everyone’s costumes.

Once we were inside the convention hall and had paid for it (only £8 for a full
day entrance) I spent a few moments taking everything in as I was rather
overwhelmed by it all as I had no idea of what to really expect. When we first
arrived we were met by a couple of storm troopers who were abusing their “power”
by making people move from their seats in order to steal them themselves. A
fabulous Batman which I now wish I’d have taken a photo of. We saw Edward Elric
and Colonel Mustang from Fullmetal Alchemist, Kirito from Sword Art Online, Ghostbusters,
and many, many more. They had some special guests such as Mark Meer, the voice
actor for Commander Sheppard from the Mass Effect games series and my friend
got an autograph from him. The stalls were amazing; there was everything from
Retro gaming stalls, anime DVDs, swords, imported sweets and various foods from
Japan, general merchandise and memorabilia and anything else you could think
of. If anything I was a little bit sad that I didn’t have as much money with me
to treat myself a few things but I was perfectly happy and content just
wandering around and enjoying the atmosphere.


(Photo by Joe West)

Which brings me to my next
point:  I have never been to an event of
any kind with a friendlier atmosphere than Telford Comic Con. Everyone were so
genuinely nice and happy to see everyone. There were hugs everywhere and people
were quite happy to have their photographs taken and I like the fact that
children were welcome as well, there were loads of young toddlers dressed up as
storm troopers or Spiderman and other such characters and people were giving
them so much credit and let them have a lot of attention which added to the
whole vibe of the day. Not that I expected anything like it but there was no
hostility amongst fans, no sense of competition as such and it felt like it was
a massive family gathering where everyone knew each other and people were just
happy to see each other and I felt right at home. I even ran into a good friend
of mine whom I hadn’t seen in a while and that made the whole thing better.

So after several hours of wandering around, running into a Castiel, several
Doctors and one fabulous Princess Leia (as well as giant furry wolf-things
offering hugs) we decided to call it a day at about 4 in the afternoon after a
day of having been constantly on our feet. We got home quite late in the
evening and I fell asleep pretty much as soon as I closed my eyes. I more than definitely
enjoyed my day at Telford Comic Con and I would recommend it to anyone. Even if
you aren’t necessarily a cosplayer I would say it is worth a trip simply for
the experience of it and the atmosphere of it all because I can guarantee you
that you will find no friendlier place than a Comic Convention. Everyone is
absolutely lovely. It’s made me realise that my next goal is to absolutely save
up for a trip across the pond to San Diego Comic Con, should opportunity
present itself in the future.


Source: Jasmine for The Game of Nerds

This is me, tired but happy after a long and eventful day!

Three tips for surviving a day at a Comic Con. _  

**1 .Keep yourself hydrated **

Conventions are packed with
people and whilst the space itself isn’t small, it’ll get hot and if you’re in
costume you will definitely get warm. Hot water bottle is recommended.   _

**2. Arrive Early **

Our biggest ‘mistake’ of the day
was underestimating how many people would be there by the time we arrived. It’s
worth arriving a bit earlier if you want to make the most of the day without
having to stress anything. Trust me there’s a LOT to look at and a lot to do
through the day. There’s always the option of booking priority/early entry
tickets online which are a little more expensive but they do allow you to get
in to the convention centre before the general crowd arrives which I will
definitely be considering next year.   _

**3. Charge your phone/camera** 

_My phone died halfway through the
day and there were so many things I wanted to take photos of but had to rely on
my friend’s camera when my phone died so it’s definitely worth keeping this in
mind. _

I hope you have enjoyed this little review of my day in Telford and I don’t
know about you but I will definitely be going next year.