A film that has a nice classic feel to it bring us a familiar story of a trouble boy looking for something in life. The films shifts back and forth with Louis Zamperini life as a young boy to his time in war. Here I felt that it would have worked better as a straight time line of her years as a all star runner to his war days. However once we get n to the war sequence the films starts to pick up and get better. I enjoyed the war battles and seeing how Zamperini team worked together.


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However the best part of the film was chunk of him on a lifeboat in the middle of no where along with two surviving soldiers. Seeing the three of them trying to live to see the next morning was filled with great action and dialog. It gave me the feel of a survivor film as well as make me invest in these characters.The death of one of them felt one of the real impactful moments of the film. A feeling we dont get again till  much later on.


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Once they are founded and move to P.O.V. camp we are introduced to the film’s main villain, The Bird play by Japanese pop star Miyavi. I thought his performance  was solid for the most part but I felt that he crossover as campy and animated at times. During his time at the camp we see him slowly gain hope hich he must keep during his abuse at the hand of The Bird. Jack O’Connel makes his pain believable and able to evolved to such harsh conditions. His strength in keeping hope of returning to U.S soil keeps this film going and saves this form being a another WW2 film.


We see Zamperini go through hell again and again to only show he is what The Bird could never be, strong. And I think that is the theme of the film. Beating your enemy by showing how strong you are and living your life.


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Overall I enjoyed the film but felt it missed a few cues. I would have liked to see more time with his team and dive into The Bird issue with his father which is implied to be the key of his cruel nature. I also felt they could have cut off  few beatings due t it felt repetitive after a while. However the final shot of an aged Zamperini running in Japan at the end did bring a smile on my face.“If I can take it I can make it.”